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    Washington DC

    Evaluation 2013: The State of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century

    27th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association

    Washington Hilton  |  Washington, DC, USA
    October 16-19, 2013
    Professional Development Workshops:
    October 14-16 & 20, 2013

    The 27th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association was a huge success! Thank you to all the attendees and speakers!

    Presidential Strand: The State of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century

    AEA's 2013 president, Jody Fitzpatrick, explained the theme as follows: "Evaluation is not only a transdiscipline, but those of us in it come from many different disciplines and evaluate different types of programs in arenas as different as education and transportation. ...many people conducting evaluations are not members of AEA, were not trained in evaluation, and may not even call themselves evaluators. But, we are all collecting information to help others make judgments about programs. I would like us to learn more about this "big tent" of evaluation. Bringing this knowledge — and these people — together will not only make us more inclusive, but can improve the overall quality of evaluation."

    In keeping with the theme, the conference boasted evaluators from all disciplines, fields and experience levels. Forty-three percent of attendees were first-timers, and 11 percent were students. Attendees experienced four days of education sessions, four days of professional development workshops, and multiple networking events including an Awards Luncheon; Meet the Authors, Poster Exhibition & Reception; Reception & Silent Auction; Birds of a Feather lunch; and informal time during coffee breaks, TIG meetings, and during sessions.

    Conference Highlights

    Volunteers' photos from Evaluation 2013 have been posted on Facebook! Take a look and tag yourself and your fellow evaluators as you spot them in the album.

    AEA Evaluation 2013 included 18 Presidential Strand sessions addressing the conference theme and four Presidential Strand plenaries:

    • The Breadth of Evaluation Practice Today: Arenas, Disciplines, and Influences, presented by Kathryn Newcomer and Jody Fitzpatrick
    • Which Evaluations Should We Believe? Origins of Credibility and Legitimacy in Politicized Environments, presented by Arthur Lupia
    • The Practice of Educational Evaluation Today: A Federal Perspective, presented by John Easton
    • The State of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century: How Has the Theme of Evaluation 2013 Influenced Our Beliefs?, presented by Len Bickman, Leslie A Fierro, Rakesh Mohan, Michael Morris, Anne Vo, and Sally L Bond

    The conference also offered two-day, one-day and half-day professional development workshops. These workshops offer evaluators at all phases of their careers an opportunity to take a look at a topic or skill set of interest under the tutelage of an expert facilitator or facilitators. View all the professional development workshops.

    Conference education opportunities also included more than 800 sessions for evaluators in many different disciplines, across all experience levels. Session formats included: Birds of a Feather gatherings; demonstrations; expert lectures; ignite sessions; panels; paper presentations; poster presentations; roundtables; skill-building workshops; and think tanks.

    In addition to the great educational and networking highlights, 36 exhibitors showcased their evaluation-related products and services. The conference’s sponsors included Gravic Inc. – Remark Software, SAGE, and Westat. View a full list of exhibitors.

    Save the Date for 2014

    AEA Evaluation 2013 was truly a hit, and we hope this year’s conference is even better! Save the date for Evaluation 2014 in Denver, Oct. 15-18, 2014.