Annual Conference History

    AEA's Annual Conference brings together evaluators from around the country and around the world for professional sharing. Each year, the presiding AEA President, or - in the case of cosponsored conferences, a program team - identifies a theme for the conference plenaries and highlight strand woven throughout the event.

    Future Conferences: Conference locations are selected by the AEA Board of Directors.

    • Evaluation 2016, October 24-29, Atlanta, GA
    • 2016 President: John Gargani
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation + Design
    • Evaluation 2017, November 6-11, Washington, DC
    • Evaluation 2018: TBA
    • Evaluation 2019: TBA
    • Evaluation 2020: TBA
    • Evaluation 2021, November 8-13, Washington, DC

    Conference History:
    AEA has held its annual conference in geographically dispersed locations in the US and with our partners at the Canadian Evaluation Society.

    • Evaluation 2015, November 9-14, Chicago, IL
      2015 President: Stewart Donaldson
      Presidential Theme:Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World: Learning from Evaluation's Successes Around the Globe
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2014, October 13-19, Denver, CO
      2014 President: Beverly Parsons
      Presidential Theme: Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2013, October 14-19, Washington, DC
      2013 President: Jody Fitzpatrick 
      Presidential Theme: The State of Evaluation in the 21st Century 
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2012, October 22-27, Minneapolis, Minnesota
      2012 President: Rodney Hopson
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation in Complex Ecologies
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2011, October 31-November 5, Anaheim, California
      2011 President: Jennifer Greene
      Presidential Theme: Values and Valuing
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2010, November 8-13, San Antonio, Texas
      2010 President: Leslie Cooksy
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation Quality
      Website: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2009, November 9-14, Orlando, Florida
      2009 President: Debra Rog
      Presidential Theme: Context and Evaluation
      Links: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2008, November 5-8, Denver, Colorado
      2008 President: William Trochim
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice
      Links: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2007, November 7-10, Baltimore, Maryland
      2007 President: Hallie Preskill
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation and Learning
      Links: Program | Full Site
    • Evaluation 2006, November 1-4, Portland, Oregon
      2006 President: Melvin Mark
      Presidential Theme: The Consequences of Evaluation
      Links: Program | Full site
    • Evaluation 2005, October 26-29, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Co-sponsored with the Canadian Evaluation Society
      2005 President: Sharon Rallis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
      Conference Theme: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries
      Links: Program | Full site
    • Evaluation 2002, November 6-9, Arlington, Virginia
      2002 President: Molly Engle, Oregon State University
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation - A Systematic Process That Reforms Systems
      Links: Program | Conference Evaluation PDF
    • Evaluation 2001, November 7-10, St Louis, Missouri
      2001 President: James Sanders, Westrn Michigan University
      Presidential Theme: Mainstreaming Evaluation
      Links: Program PDF | Conference Evaluation PDF
    • Evaluation 2000, November 1-4, Honolulu, Hawaii
      2000 President: Laura Leviton, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
      Presidential Theme: Evaluation Capacity Building
      Links: Program
    • Evaluation '99, November 3-6, Orlando, Florida
      1999 President: Michael Scriven, Claremont Graduate University
      Presidential Theme: The Territory Ahead
      Links: Program PDF
    • Evaluation '98, November 4-7, Chicago, Illinois
      1998 President: Donna Mertens, Gallaudet University
      Presidential Theme: Transforming Society Through Evaluation
      Links: Program
    • Evaluation '97, November 5-8, San Diego, California
      1997 President: William Shadish, University of Memphis
      Presidential Theme: Theory and Practice: Partners in Evaluation
    • Evaluation '96, November 6-9, Atlanta, Georgia
      1996 President: Leonard Bickman, Vanderbilt University
      Presidential Theme: AEA: A Decade of Progress, Looking Back and Looking Forward
    • Evaluation '95: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
      Co-sponsored with the Canadian Evaluation Society
      1995 President: Eleanor Chelimsky, Independent Consultant Conference
      Theme: Evaluation for a New Century: A Global Perspective
    • Evaluation '94: Boston, Massachusetts
      1994 President: Karen Kirkhart, Syracuse University
      Conference Theme: Evaluation and Social Justice
    • Evaluation '93: Dallas, Texas
      1993 President: David Fetterman, Stanford University
      Conference Theme: Empowerment Evaluation
    • Evaluation '92: Seattle, Washington
      1992 President: David Cordray
      Conference Theme: Synthesizing Evaluation: Perspectives, Practices, and Evidence
    • Evaluation '91: Chicago, Illinois
      1991 President: Lee Sechrest
      Conference Theme: New Evaluation Horizons
    • Evaluation '90: Washington, District of Columbia
      1990 President: Yvonna Lincoln
      Conference Theme: Evaluation and the Formulation of Public Policy
    • Evaluation '89: San Francisco, California
      1989 President: Ross F Conner
      Conference Theme: New Perspectives from International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation
    • Evaluation '88: New Orleans, Louisiana
      1988 President: Michael Patton
      Conference Theme: Evaluation and Politics
    • Evaluation '87: Boston, Massachusetts
      1987 President: Robert Covert
      Conference Theme: Utilization of Evaluation
    • Evaluation '86: Kansas City, Missouri
      1986 President: Richard Light
      Conference Theme: What Have We Learned

    Summer Evaluation Institute History

    • Summer Evaluation Institute 2014, Atlanta, GA
    • Summer Evaluation Institute 2013, Atlanta, GA