Topical Interest Groups

Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) are a major component of the life of AEA members. Each TIG is defined around a special topic or interest to subgroups of AEA. TIGs coordinate their efforts through AEA and participate actively in AEA's annual conference through reviewing proposals in their area of interest and developing a strand of conference sessions. Members of AEA may join up to five TIGs as part of membership.

  • To learn more about a TIG, connect to its website (if available) or contact the TIG leadership
  • To join a TIG, logon to the members-only portion of the website and update your TIG selections
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TIG Title Name and Address Tel/Email
Advocacy and Policy Change

TIG Website
Chair Laura Roper
LYV Consulting
Somerville, MA USA
Tel: 617-877-4336
Email: l.roper@rcn.com
Co-chair Jared Raynor
TCC Group
Philadelphia, PA USA
Tel: 215-536-0399
Email: jraynor@tccgrp.com
Program Chair Anne Gienapp
ORS Impact
Seattle, WA USA
Tel: 206-406-5549
Email: agienapp@orsimpact.com
Program Co-chair Zsuzsanna Lippai
Open Society Foundations
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-251-7289
Email: zsuszi.lippai@gmail.com
Arts, Culture, and Audiences

TIG Website
Chair & Program Chair Ivonne Chand O'Neal
Creativity Testing Services
Kensington, MD USA
Tel: 310-617-9959
Email: ichand@comcast.net
Co-Chair  Annabel Jackson
The Priory
Bath, UK 
Tel: 441-225-446614
Email: ajataja@aol.com

Assessment in Higher Education

TIG Website

Chair  Guili Zhang
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC USA
Tel: 252-328-4989  
Email: zhangg@ecu.edu
Co-Chair Edith Cook
Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA USA
Tel: 724-830-1014 
Email: ecook@setonhill.edu
Program Chair Melissa Mercer-Tachick
MuSE Educational Consulting, LLC
Grass Lake, MI USA
Tel: 844-687-3004 x701
Email: melissa@museconsulting.info
Program Co-Chair Xiaomei Song 
Georgia Southern University 
Tel: 912-478-2139
Email: xsong@georgiasouthern.edu
Behavioral Health Chair/ Program Chair Roger Boothroyd
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA 
Tel: 813-974-1915
Co-Chair/ Program Co-Chair Kathleen Ferreira
Center for Social Innovation
Wesley Chapel, FL USA 
Tel: 352-212-2616
Email: kferreira@center4si.com
Business, Leadership, and Performance

TIG Website
Chair Jennifer Dewey
Rockville, MD USA
Tel: 301-811-2590 x30292
Email: jdewey@wrma.com
Program Chair Kristy Moster 
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Cincinnati, OH USA
Tel: 513-803-0582
Email: Kristina.moster@cchmc.org

Cluster, Multi-site and Multi-level Evaluation

TIG Website

Chair Juna Snow
InnovatEd Consulting, LLC.
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 617-440-4435
Email: jsnow@innovatedconsulting.com
Program Chair Elizabeth Oyer
Choices Coordinated Care Solutions 
Indianapolis, IN USA 
Tel: 317-205-8267
Email: EOyer@ChoicesCCS.org
Program Co-Chair Lillian Madrigal 
ICF International
Decatur, GA USA
Tel: 404-592-2102
Email: lillian.madrigal@icf.com
Collaborative, Participatory & Empowerment Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair  David Fetterman
Fetterman Associates
San Jose, CA USA
Tel: 650-269-5689
Email: fettermanassociates@gmail.com
Co-chair & Program Chair Liliana Rodriguez-Campos
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA
Tel: 813-974-1163
College Access Programs Chair & Program Chair Amelia Maynard
Maynard Evaluations
St Paul, MN USA
Tel: 612-356-4355
Email: amelia@maynardevaluations.com

Community Development

TIG Website


David Chavis 
Community Science 
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Tel: 301-519-1100
Email: dchavis@communityscience.com

Program Chair

Amy Minzner
Community Science 
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Tel: 240-813-9273
Email: aminzner@communityscience.com

Program Co-Chair

Rebecca Mentzer
HOPE International
Lancaster, PA USA
Tel: 717-464-3220 x416
Email: rmentzer@hopeinternational.org
Community Psychology

TIG Website
Chair Catherine Lesesne
ICF International
Decatur, GA USA
Tel: 404-321-3211
Email: Catherine.Lesesne@icf.com
Co-chair Jeffrey Sheldon
Independent Consultant 
Monrovia, CA USA
Tel: 909-447-5474
Email: Jeffrey.Sheldon@cgu.edu
Program Chair

Denise Long
Youth Centrix  
Maryville, IL USA

Tel: 469-662-6729
Email: p_long_ot@yahoo.com
Program Co-Chair Courtney Barnard 
Cook Children's Health Care System
Fort Worth, TX USA 
Tel: 682-885-3070
Email: Courtney.Barnard@cookchildrens.org

Costs, Effectiveness Benefits, and Economics

TIG Website

Chair Ronald Scott Visscher
Western Michigan University
Holland, MI USA

Tel: 616-422-7760
Email: ron.visscher@gmail.com

Co-Chair Brian Yates
American University
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 301-775-1892
Email: brian.yates@mac.com
Program Chair Nadini Persaud
University of the West Indies
St Michael, Barbados
Tel: 206-497-1404
Email: npersaud07@yahoo.com
Crime and Justice Chair & Program Chair Billie-Jo Grant
Magnolia Consulting LLC
Somerville, MA USA
Tel: 805-550-9132
Email: bgrant@magnoliaconsulting.org
Data Visualization and Reporting

TIG Website
Chair Ann K. Emery
Independent Consultant
Stafford, VA USA
Tel: 703-927-6487
Email: ann@annkemery.com
Co-chair John Nash
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY USA
Tel: 650-799-6703
Email: john.nash@uky.edu
Program Chair Kate Livingston
Expose Your Museum LLC
Durham, NC USA
Tel: 512-915-6232
Email: kate@exposeyourmuseum.com
Program Co-chair Stephanie Evergreen
Evergreen Data
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-425-1650
Email: stephanie@stephanieevergreen.com

Democracy and Governance 



Chair Giovanni Dazzo
U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-320-9342
Email: giovanni.dazzo@gmail.com

Co-chair Salome Tsereteli-Stephens 
American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) 
Gambrills, MD USA
Tel: 240-486-3058
Email: salome.stephens@americanbar.org
Program Chair Danuta Dobosz
Solidarity Center
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-974-8383
Email: ddobosz02@gmail.com
Program Co-chair Mathew Cruse 
International Foundation for Electoral Systems 

Email: mcruse@ifes.org

Design and Analysis of Experiments

TIG Website 
Chair and Program Chair Laura Peck
Abt Associates
Scottsdale, AZ USA 
Tel: 301-347-5537
Email: laura_peck@abtassoc.com
Co-Chair Keith Zvoch
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR USA 
Tel: 541-346-1401
Email: kzvoch@uoregon.edu
Program Chair Melinda Davis 
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ USA
Tel: 520-626-7820
Email: mfd@email.arizona.edu

Disabilities and Underrepresented 


TIG Website

Chair June Gothberg
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-841-9279
Email: june.gothberg@wmich.edu
Program Chair Caitlyn Bukaty 
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL USA
Tel: 407-823-6130
Email: Caitlyn.Bukaty@ucf.edu
Disaster & Emergency Management Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair  Katie Murphy
New York City Office of Emergency Management
Brooklyn, NY USA 
Tel: 718-422-8416
Email: kmurphy@oem.nyc.gov
Co-chair Sue Ann Corell Sarpy
Sarpy and Associates
Charlottesville, VA USA 
Tel: 434-328-2142
Email: ssarpy@sarpyassoc.com
Program Chair Jamie Vickery
Natural Hazards Center - CU Boulder
Boulder, CO USA
Tel: 405-818-6880
Email: jamie.vickery@colorado.edu

Program Co-Chair

Traci Dixon
International Business and Technical consultants, Inc. 
Vienna, VA USA 
Tel: 703-749-0100
Email: tdixon@ibtci.com

Program Co-Chair

Phung K. Pham, MS
Division of Emergency and Transport Medicine - Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA 

Email: phungkpham@gmail.com
Distance Education & Other Educational Technologies Chair Tara Shepperson
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY USA

Program Chair Alice Walters
Walden University
Redford, MI USA
Tel: 313-333-2445
Email: alicewalters@ymail.com
Environmental Program Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair Christina Kakoyannis
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
St. George, UT USA 
Tel: 202-595-2462
Email: christina.kakoyannis@nfwf.org
Program Chair Heather Dantzker
Dantzker Consulting, LLC
Arlington, VA USA
Tel: 607-592-6040
Email: heather@dantzker.com
Program Co-Chair Rupanwita Gupta
New York, NY USA 
Tel: 917-574-8531
Email: rgupta@newknowledge.org
Evaluation Managers and Supervisors Chair Cindy Shuman
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS USA
Tel: 785-532-3463
Email: cshuman@ksu.edu
Program Chair Seana Hasson
YMCA of the USA
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 312-419-8468
Email: Seana.Hasson@ymca.net
Program Co-Chair Beryl Otumfuor
Fulton County Schools
Suwanee, GA USA
Tel: 678-860-0667
Email: otumfuor@fultonschools.org
Program Co-Chair Anne Betzner
Professional Data Analysts, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN USA 
Tel: 612-623-9110
Email: abetzner@pdastats.com
Evaluation Policy Chair & Program Chair Kristin Kaylor Richardson
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 248-770-3430
Email: kkayrich7@gmail.com 
Extension Education Evaluation

TIG Website  
Chair Debby Lewis
Ohio State University Extension
Columbus, OH USA 
Tel:  614-292-5089
Email: lewis.205@osu.edu
Program Chair Alda Norris 
University of Alaska Fairbanks 
North Pole, AK USA 
Tel: 907-474-7120
Email: amnorris2@alaska.edu
Feminist Issues in Evaluation

TIG Website
Co-Chair Ghada Jiha
New York, NY USA
Tel: 832-350-9067
Email: ghada.jiha@gmail.com
Co-Chair Svetlana Negroustoueva
Independent Consultant 
 Email: negroustoueva@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Christine Fabian
The Lead Center, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Madison, WI USA

Email: christine.fabian@wisc.edu
Program Co-Chair Michael Bamberger
Independent Consultant 
Beaverton, OR USA

Email: jmichaelbamberger@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Jane Whynot
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Email: jwhyn021@uottawa.ca
Government Evaluation Chair Ted Kniker
Enlighteneering, Inc.
Herndon, VA USA 
Tel: 703-860-7387
Email: ted.kniker@outlook.com
Co-Chair Elise Garvey
King County Auditors Office
Seattle, WA USA 
Tel: 716-432-2132
Email: Elise.Garvey@kingcounty.gov
Program Chair Krystal Tomlin
National Institutes of Health/NIAID
Tel: 301-594-7104
Program Co-Chair Heather Evanson
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Tel: 571-882-7084
Graduate Students and New Evaluators

TIG Website
Chair Elizabeth Farmosa
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA USA 
Tel: 978-934-2798
Email: Elizabeth_Farmosa@student.uml.edu
Co-chair Tara Lightner
West Michigan University
Tel: 269-929-5121
Email: tara.m.schmid@wmich.edu
Program Chair Sheniqua Jeffrey
Harlem Children's Zone
New York, NY USA
Tel: 718-398-6849
Email: s.jeffrey292@gmail.com

Program Co-chair

Agnieszka Rykaczewska
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA USA
Tel: 865-719-4910
Email: agnieszka.rykaczewska@cgu.edu

Health Evaluation

TIG Website


Robert LaChausse
California Baptist University                     Riverside, CA USA

Tel: 951-552-8484
Email: rlachausse@calbaptist.edu
Program Chair Jenica Huddleston Reed
Deloitte Consulting 
Sacramento, CA USA
Tel: 925-202-3133
Email: jhreed@deloitte.com

Human Services Evaluation

TIG Website

Chair/ Program Chair Mansoor Kazi
University at Albany, State University of New York
Albany, NY USA  
Tel: 716-417-0419
Email: mkazi@albany.edu
Independent Consulting

TIG Website
Chair Laura Keene
Keene Insights
Los Angeles, CA  USA
Tel: 323-380-0806
Email: laura@keene-insights.com
Co-Chair Myia Welsh  
Welsh&Co Evaluation Consulting, LLC
Morgantown, WV USA
Tel: 734-709-8456
Email: myiawelsh@gmail.com
Program Chair Tamara Hamai
Hamai Consulting.
Walnut, CA  USA

Tel: 866-771-2109
Email: tamara@hamaiconsulting.com

Program Co-Chair Robert Perez
Hamai Consulting.
Cerritos, CA  USA
Email: robertl.perez1@gmail.com

Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation

TIG Website

Chair Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Munsee), Ph.D.
Bowman Performance Consulting
Shawano, WI USA
Tel: 715-526-9240
Email: nicky@bpcwi.com
Co-Chair Beth Michel, MPH
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-929-8327
Email: Beth.Michel@icf.com
Program Chair Aneta Cram 
Melbourne, Australia

Email: anetacram@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Erica Roberts, PhD
James Bell Associates, Inc.
Hyattsville, MD USA
Tel: 4100-733-6381
Email: eblueroberts@gmail.com
Integrating Technology into Evaluation Chair Margaret Lubke
Utah State University
Logan, UT USA
Tel: 435-512-0578
Email: Margaret.Lubke@usu.edu
Co-chair Nathan Balasubramanian
Broward County Public Schools
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Tel: 720-936-5999
Email: NathanBala@BrowardSchools.com
Program Chair Paul V Lorton Jr
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA USA
Email: Lorton@usfca.edu
Internal Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair Boris B Volkov
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA
Tel: 612-624-7176
Email: volk0057@umn.edu
Co-Chair Japbir Gill
Project HOME
Philadelphia, PA USA 
Tel: 215-232-7272
Email: JapbirGill@projecthome.org
Program Chair Danelle Marable
Melrose, MA USA
Tel: 617-724-6857
Email: dmarable@partners.org
Program Co-Chair

Eric Barela
Salesforce.org                           San Francisco, CA USA

Tel: 415-589-4965
Email: ebarela@salesforece.com
International and Cross Cultural Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair  Hanife Cakici
UN Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: 301-660-1331
Email: hanife.cakici@gmail.com 
Co-chair Veronica Olazabal
The Rockefeller Foundation
New York, NY USA 
Tel: 347-949-2834
Co-Chair Xiaoxia Newton
University of Massachusetts
Lowell, MA
Tel: 978-934-5233
Email: Xiaoxia_Newton@uml.edu
Latino/a Responsive Evaluation Discourse Chair & Program
Lisa Aponte-Soto
Equal Measure
Philadelphia, PA USA
Tel: 215-732-2200
Email: laponte-soto@equalmeasure.org
Co-chair & Program Chair Saul Maldonado
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Tel: 626-358-0246
Email: smaldonado@mail.sdsu.edu
Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender Issues

Chair Elizabeth Scott
JackPine Consulting  
Minneapolis, MN USA
Tel: 612-314-3178
Email: elizabeth@jackpinemn.com
Co-chair Carlos Romero
Apex Education
Albuquerque, NM USA
Tel: 505-828-0082
Email: c.romero@apexeval.org
Program Chair Amanda Jones

Email: amj717@gmail.com
Program Co-chair  Libby Smith
University of Wisconsin-Stout-Applied Research Center
Eau Claire, WI USA
Tel: 715-232-4098
Email: smithlib@uwstout.edu

Military and Veterans

TIG Website

Chair Stephen Axelrad
Booz Allen Hamilton
Arlington, VA USA
Tel: 240-305-1635
Email: stephen.h.axelrad@gmail.com
Co-Chair Lois Sonstegard
Minneapolis, MN USA
 Tel: 952-933-2000
Email: lois@ljlinc.com
Program Chair Pat Clifford
Clifford Consulting 
Cincinnati, OH USA
Tel: 513-312-7700
Email: pat@cliffordconsulting.org
Program Co-Chair Julianne Rush-Manchester
Engility Corporation 
Silver Spring, MD USA
 Tel: 614-284-2987
Email: julianne.manchester@gmail.com

Mixed Methods Evaluation

TIG Website

Chair Lennise Baptiste 
Arima, Trinidad & Tobago
Tel: 868-461-2339
Program Chair Jenna LaChenaye, Ph.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL US
Tel: 337-412-1023
Email: jmlach@uab.edu
Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation

TIG Website
Co-Chair Leah Peoples  Email: leah.peoples@gmail.com
Co-Chair  Andrea Guajardo
University of the Incarnate Word/CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System
Bandera, TX USA
Tel: 215-732-2200
Email: andrea.guajardo@christushealth.org
Program Co-Chair Diana Lemos
Email: dlemos22@yahoo.com
Program Co-chair Josie Serrata
Casa De Esperanza
Austin, TX USA 
Tel: 210-326-9185
Email: josie.serrata@gmail.com
Needs Assessment

TIG Website
Chair  Lisle Hites
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL USA
Tel: 205-975-8980
Email: lhites@uab.edu
Co-Chair  Hsin-Ling (Sonya) Hung
VCU Center on Health Disparities
Richmond, VA USA
Tel: 804-828-1828
Email: hsinling.hung@vcuhealth.org
Program Chair Ryan Watkins
George Washington Univeristy 
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-210-0421
Program Co-chair Yi-Fang Lee
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +866-2-23627553
Nonprofit and Foundations

TIG Website
Co-Chair Susan M. Wolfe 
CNM Connect
Dallas, TX USA
Tel: 214-580-1748
Co-chair Karen Jackson
Custom Evaluation Services
Durham, NC USA
Tel: 601-347-6093
Email: kltjackson@outlook.com
Program Chair Molly Hamm
The DREAM Project
Tel: 809-902-3770
Email: mollymhamm@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Katelyn Mack
San Francisco, CA USA
Tel: 415-689-3874
Email: katelyn.mack@fsg.org
Organizational Learning & Evaluation Capacity Building

TIG Website
Chair Sally L Bond
The Program Evaluation Group, LLC
Pittsboro, NC USA
Tel: 919-545-9200
Email: usbond@mindspring.com
Program Chair Thomas Archibald
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA USA 
Tel: 540--231-6192
Email: tgarch@vt.edu 
Program Co-Chair Erin Bock
The Sherwood Foundation
Omaha, NE USA 
Tel: 402-341-1717
Email: erinb@sherwoodfoundation.org
PreK-12 Educational Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair Leigh Tolley
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA USA 
Tel: 337-482-1475
Email: ltolley@louisiana.edu
Co-chair Kelly Murphy
Child Trends
Tel: 240-223-9257
Email: kmurphy@childtrends.org
Program Chair Michaele Webb
Syracuse University
Edwards, NY USA
Tel: 315-212-5291
Email: miwebb@syr.edu
Program Co-chair Sheila Arens
McREL International
Denver, CO USA
Tel: 303-632-5625
Email: sarens@mcrel.org

Program Design

TIG Website

Chair Asaad Mohamedtaha
Synensys, LLC
Peachtree City, GA USA
Tel: 404-388-3456
Email: asaadezeldin@gmail.com
Co-Chair Dishan Mubende
Kampala, Uganda
 Email: dishan.mubende@acmirspartners.com
Co-Chair Catherine Nameth
UCLA Extension
Los Angeles, CA USA
Email: cnameth@uclaextension.edu
Program Chair Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark Consulting
Brooklyn NY USA 
Tel: 646-657-8307
Email: nicole@nicoleclarkconsulting.com
Program Co-Chair Chin-Wen "Jean" Lee
School of Special Education, Univ. of Northern Colorado
Greenley, CO USA 
 Tel: 970-405-9988
Email: lee7391@bears.unco.edu
Program Co-Chair Jacqueline Singh
Qualitative Advantage, LLC
Indianapolis, IN USA 
 Email: jacquelinesingh59@gmail.com
Program Theory and Theory-Driven Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair & Program-Chair  Charles Gasper
TCC Group
New York, NY USA
Tel: 314-324-8188
Email: charles.gasper@att.net

Co-chair & Program Co-Chair Jennifer Himmelstein 
Washington, DC USA
Email: jhimmel1@gmail.com
Qualitative Methods

TIG Website
Chair Leanne Kallemeyn
Loyola University Chicago
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 312-915-6909
Email: lkallemeyn@luc.edu
Co-chair Janet Usinger
University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV USA
Tel: 775-682-9083
Email: usingerj@unr.edu
Program Chair Stuart Henderson
University of California, Davis
Sacramento, CA USA
Tel: 916-703-9220
Email: sthenderson@ucdavis.edu
Program Co-chair Hannah Betesh
Social Policy Research Associates
Oakland, CA USA
Tel: 510-788-2469
Email: Hannah_Betesh@spra.com
Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design

TIG Website
Chair Vajeera Dorabawila 
New York State Office of Children & Family 
Albany, NY USA 
Tel: 518-402-7386
Email: vajeera.dorabawila@ocfs.ny.gov
Co-chair Guili Zhang
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC USA 
Tel: 252-328-4260
Co-Chair Sahil Manekia 
Family Care Inc  
Portland, OR, USA
Tel: 503-724-7128
Email: Sahilm@familycareinc.org
Program Chair Haiyan Bai
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL USA

Email: haiyan.bai@ucf.edu
Program Co-Chair Melinda Davis 
University of Arizona
Tuscan, AZ USA

Tel: 520-626-7820
Email: mfd@email.arizona.edu
Program Co- Chair Karen H. Larwin
Youngstown State University
Salem, OH USA
Tel: 330-509-5266
Email: khlarwin@ysu.edu

Research on Evaluation

TIG Website

Chair Anne Vo 
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Los Angeles, CA USA
Tel: 323-442-0311
Email: annevo@usc.edu
Co-chair Leslie Fierro
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA USA
Tel: 909-607-7598
Email: leslie.fierro@cgu.edu
Program Chair Michael Harnar
Claremont Lincoln University
Anderson, IN USA 
Tel: 269-387-5903
Email: Michael.Harnar@wmich.edu
Program Co-chair Sebastian Lemire
University Of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA USA 
Tel: 213-361-3319
Email: slemire@ucla.edu
Research, Technology & Development Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair Robin M. Wagner
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-498-2491
Email: riw8@cdc.gov
Co-chair Joshua Schnell
Thomson Reuters 
Rockville, MD USA
Tel: 301-545-4174
Email: Joshua.schnell@tr.com
Program Chair Betsy Hsu
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD USA
Tel: 240-276-5733
Email: hsuel@mail.nih.gov
Program Co-chair Brian Zuckerman
Science and Technology Policy Institute
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-419-5485
Email: bzuckerm@ida.org

Social Impact Measurement

TIG Website

Chair Veronica Olazabal
The Rockefeller Foundation
New York, NY USA 
Tel: 347-949-2834
Program Chair Karim Harji
Purpose Capital
Toronto, ON Canada
Tel: 647-302-4752

Social Network Analysis

TIG Website
Chair Maryann Durland
Durland Consulting
Elkins, WV USA
Tel: 630-650-9944
Email: mdurland@durlandconsulting
Co-chair Rebecca Woodland
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA USA 
Tel: 413-545-1751
Email: woodland@umass.edu
Co-chair Sophia Guevara
Wayne State University
Detroit MI USA
Email: sophiaguevara@gmail.com
Program Chair Danielle de Garcia 
Social Impact, Inc. 
Alexandria, VA USA
Tel: 860-942-4250
Email: dcdegarcia@gmail.com
Program Co-chair Shelly Engelman
The Findings Group, LLC
Austin, TX, USA
Tel: 610-618-0567
Email: shelly@thefindingsgroup.org
Social Work

TIG Website
Chair Mansoor A. F. Kazi
University of Albany, State University of New York

Albany, NY USA
Tel: 716-417-0419
Email: mkazi@albany.edu
Co-Chair/Program Chair Erika Cooksey
Cincinatti Children's Hospital
Cincinatti, OH USA
Tel: 513-803-0189
Email: Erika.Cooksey@cchmc.org
Program Co-Chair Cameron C. F. Davis
Arizona State University
Tucson, AZ USA
Tel: 520-419-8976
Email: cameron.f.davis@gmail.com

STEM Education and Training

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Chair Erin Burr
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Oak Ridge, TN USA 
Tel: 757-567-9058
Email: Erin.Burr@orau.org
Co-chair Kimberle Kelly
Oak Ridge Associated Universities 
Knoxville, TN USA
Tel: 310-341-9332
Email: Kimberle.Kelly@orau.org
Program Chair Carl Westine
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA USA 
Tel: 678-839-6095
Email: cwestine@westga.edu
Program Co-Chair Sonia Koshy
Kapor Center for Social Impact
Tel: 510-488-6600
Email: Sonia@kaporcenter.org
Systems in Evaluation

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Chair Heather Britt
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 512-635-6198
Email: heather@heatherbritt.com
Co-Chair Marah Moore
i2i Institute
Ranchos de Taos, NM USA
Tel: 575-758-7513
Email: marah@i2i-institute.com
Program Chair Brandon Coffee-Borden
Community Science
Gaithersburg, MD USA 
Tel: 248-703-5218
Email: bcoffeeborden@communityscience.com
Program Co-chair Pablo Vidueira
Technical University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Tel: +0034-699221790
Email: pablovidueira@gmail.com
Teaching of Evaluation

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Chair Gary Skolits 
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN USA
Tel: 865-974-2777
Email: gskolits@utk.edu
Program           Co-Chair Jennifer Morrow
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN USA
Tel: 865-974-6117
Email: jamorrow@utk.edu
Program           Co-Chair  Rekha S. Rajan
Concordia Universtiy
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 708-209-3689
Email: rekha.rajan@cuchicago.edu
Program          Co-Chair  Jill Lohmeier
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA USA
Tel: 865-934-4617
Email: jill_lohmeier@uml.edu

Theories of Evaluation

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Chair Corey Smith
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-547-0341
Email: corey.d.smith@wmich.edu
Co-Chair Lyssa Wilson
Western Michigan University
Portage, MI USA
Tel: 860-918-5457
Email: lyssa.n.wilson@wmich.edu
Program Chair Jessica Shaw
Boston College 
Chesnut Hill, MA USA
Tel: 617-552-2096
Email: shawfg@bc.edu

Translational Research Evaluation

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Chair Clara Pelfrey
Case Western Reserve University
Claeveland, OH USA 
Tel: 216-368-6478
Email: clara.pelfrey@case.edu
Co-chair Adrienne Zell
Oregon Health and Sciences University
Protland, OR USA 
Tel: 503-418-9461
 Email: zell@ohsu.edu
Program Chair Kristianna Pettibone
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 
Morrisville, NC USA
Tel: 919-986-1048
Email: pettibonekg@niehs.nih.gov
Program Co-chair Lisle Hites
Birmingham, AL USA 
Tel: 205-975-8980
Email: Lhites@uab.edu
Use and Influence of Evaluation

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Chair Keiko Kuji-Shikatani
Ontario Ministry of Education
Toronto, ON Canada
Tel: 416-327-9842
Email: Keiko.Kuji-Shikatani@ontario.ca
Program Chair Nora Murphy
TerraLuna Collaborative
Minneapolis, MN USA
Tel: 612-208-6672 
Email: nora@terralunacollaborative.com
Youth Focused Evaluation

TIG Website
Chair Katie Richards-Schuster
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI USA 
Tel: 734-730-6572
Email: kers@umich.edu
Co-chair Mónica Ruiz-Casares 
McGill University
Montréal, QC Canada
Tel: 514-273-3800 x6579
Email: monica.ruizcasares@mcgill.ca
Co- Chair Christy Olenik 
Development Alternatives Inc.
Eldersburg, MD USA
Tel: 410-371-0706
Email: colenik@verizon.net
Program Chair Ross VerLure Roholt
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA 
Tel: 612-624-8785
Email: rossvr@umn.edu
 Program Co-Chair Susana Morales Konishi
Communities in Collaboration
Oakland, CA USA 

 Tel: 510-502-3026
Email: susana@