Local Affiliates

    Organizations are listed in alphabetical order. Please contact the AEA web content manager at info@eval.org with any changes or updates. To learn more and participate in the AEA Local Affiliate Collaborative, click here.

    Affiliate Organization Name and Address of AEA Contact Tel/Fax/Email/Web
    Alaska Evaluation Network (AKEN) Corrie Whitmore
    Southcentral Foundation
    Anchorage AK USA
    Tel: 907-729-5101
    Email: cwhitmore@scf.cc
    Website: http://www.alaskaeval.org
    Arizona Evaluation Network (AZENet) Cassandra O’Neill
    Wholonomy Consulting LLC
    Tucson AZ USA
    Tel: 520-403-0687
    Email: cassandraoneill@comcast.net
    Website: http://www.azenet.org
    Arkansas Group of Evaluators (AGES) Linda F Delaney
    LFD Consulting LLC
    Cordova TN USA
    Tel: 870-225-1103
    Email: linda2inspireu@gmail.com
    Atlanta-Area Evaluation Association (AaEA) Tom Chapel
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Atlanta GA USA
    Tel: 678-296-8436
    Email: tkc4@cdc.gov
    Website: http://atl-eval.org/
    Baltimore Area Evaluators (BAE) Taj Carson
    Carson Research
    Baltimore MD USA
    Tel: 410-366-1779
    Email: taj@carsonresearch.com
    Website: http://www.baltimoreareaevaluators.org
    Caribbean Association of Research and Evaluation Inc Ruth Ríos-Motta
    University of Puerto Rico
    San Juan PR USA
    Tel: 787-758-2525 x1025
    Email: ruth.rios2@upr.edu
    Chicagoland Evaluation Association (CEA) Leah C Neubauer
    DePaul University
    Chicago IL USA
    Tel: 773-325-4768
    Email: LNEUBAUE@depaul.edu
    Website: http://www.evalchicago.com
    Colorado Evaluation Network (COEN) Shelby Maier
    Denver CO USA
    Tel: 970-222-6988
    Email: shelby.maier@gmail.com
    Connecticut Area Program Evaluators Network (CAPE.NET) Teresa E Boyd Cowles
    Connecticut State University
    Hartford CT USA
    Tel: 860-493-0074
    Email: boydt@ct.edu
    Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS) Lucy Fabian
    Baltimore MD USA
    Tel: 410-372-2731
    Email: FABIANL@battelle.org
    Website: http://www.eers.org
    Evaluation Network for the Missouri River Basin (EN4MRB) Benjamin Baumfalk
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Lincoln NE USA
    Tel: 402-730-3681
    Email: ben.baumfalk@gmail.com
    Website: http://en4mrb.wildapricot.org/
    Evaluation Association of Saint Louis (MO) Brandt Pryor
    Educational Research Associates
    St. Louis MO USA
    Tel: 314-822-3533
    Email: bwpryor@yahoo.com
    Hawaii Pacific Evaluation Association (H-PEA) Cheryl Ramos
    University of Hawaii at Hilo
    Hilo HI USA
    Tel: 808-933-3876
    Email: ramos@hawaii.edu
    Website: http://h-pea.org/
    Indiana Evaluation Association (IEA) Mindy Hightower King
    Indiana University
    Bloomington IN USA
    Tel: 812-855-6508
    Email: minking@indiana.edu
    website: http://www.indianaevaluation.org
    Michigan Association for Evaluation (MAE) Brian Dates
    Southwest Counseling Solutions
    Detroit MI USA
    Tel: 313-841-7442
    Email: bdates@swsol.org
    website: http://maeeval.org/
    iMilwaukeeEvaluation! Nicole Robinson
    UWM Doctoral Student
    Milwaukee WI USA
    Tel: 414-232-9687
    Email: nnr@uwm.edu
    Website: http://evaluation.wildapricot.org
    Minnesota Evaluation Association (MN EA) Gwen Willems
    Willems and Associates
    St Paul MN USA
    Tel: 651-646-8854
    Email: wille002@umn.edu
    Website: http://www.mneval.org
    New Mexico Evaluators (NMEval) Flora Lucero
    Albuquerque NM USA
    Email: Flora_Lucero@hotmail.com
    Website: http://www.nmeval.org/
    New York Consortium of Evaluators (NYCE) Joanne Hsu
    New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    New York NY USA
    Tel: 347-396-7066
    Email: jhsu1@health.nyc.gov

    Northeastern Regional Evaluation Association (NREA) Kathleen Toms
    Research Works Inc
    New Paltz NY USA
    Tel: 877-766-1370
    Email: ktoms@researchworks.org
    Ohio Program Evaluators' Group (OPEG) L Shon Bunkley
    Community Research Partners
    Columbus OH USA
    Tel: 614-224-5917 x104
    Email: sbunkley@researchpartners.org
    Website: http://www.opeg.org
    Oregon Program Evaluators Network (OPEN) Kim Firth Leonard
    The Oregon Community Foundation
    Portland OR USA
    Tel: 503-200-5081
    Email: kfirthleonard@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.oregoneval.org
    Research Triangle Park (NC) Evaluators Amy Germuth
    EvalWorks LLC
    Durham NC USA
    Tel: 919-401-5403
    Email: amygermuth@evalworks.com
    San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators (SFBAE) Anna Fagergren
    San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators
    Berkeley CA USA
    Tel: 510-291-4226
    Email: info@sfbae.org
    Website: http://www.sfbae.org
    Southern Georgia Evaluation Association (SGEA) Catherine Dunn Kostilnik
    Center for Community Studies
    Savannah GA USA
    Tel: 912-429-7612
    Email: ckostilnik@ccstudies.org
    Southeast Evaluation Association (SEA) Linda Schrader
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee Fl USA
    Tel: 850-644-8780
    Email: Lschrader@fsu.edu
    Website: http://www.southeastevaluation.org
    Southern California Evaluation Association (SCEA) Anne T Vo
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Los Angeles CA USA
    Tel: 310-845-6779
    Email: annevo@ucla.edu
    Texas Evaluation Network (TEN) Elia Kay Chapa
    UT Southwestern Medical Center
    Dallas TX USA
    Tel: 214-648-2085
    Email: kay.chapa@utsouthwestern.edu
    Website: http://texasevaluationnetwork.org/
    Washington (DC) Evaluators (WE) Brian Yoder
    Washington DC USA
    Tel: 202-331-3535
    Email: brianlyoder@gmail.com
    Website: http://washingtonevaluators.org/