2016 EERS Eleanor Chelmisky Forum

EERS, an affiliate of AEA, launched the Eleanor Chelimsky Forum in 2013 during its annual conference in honor of Eleanor Chelimsky, one of the most insightful, influential and respected program evaluators of our era, and the former director of the Program Evaluation and Methodology Division of the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the forum is aimed at discussing challenges in the fit between theory and practice, with attention to strategies for tackling these challenges.

This year’s EERS Chelimsky Forum:

  • Provides the next installment of the Hood and Hopson “Nobody Knows My Name” project to illuminate the untold contributions of African American educational researchers and evaluators to evaluation research in the United States during the pre-Brown era.
  • Reflects on the tenure of Ambrose Caliver (the first African American to hold a classified professional position in the federal government) beginning in 1930, as the Specialist in the Education of Negroes in the U.S. Office of Education’s Division of Special Problems.
  • Discusses efforts to meld culturally-informed theory and practice in responding to the educational inequities facing African Americans and other traditionally disenfranchised populations.

Use the links below to view the entire Eleanor Chelimsky Forum series: