Online Resources

    Our goal is to be the pre-eminent source for identifying online resources of interest to evaluators. If you know of other resources that you believe should be listed here, please send your suggestions to

    What is Evaluation? The statement by the Evaluation 101 Task Force provides staff and members a basic foundation for communicating about what evaluation is Learn more

    Resource eLibrary: AEA members and non-member conference attendees have access to the AEA eLibrary. Learn more

    Professional Groups: Groups of interest to evaluators including AEA Local Affiliates, AEA Topical Interest Groups, International Evaluation Associations and other Professional Associations. Learn more

    Bibliography: AEA Member-Author Bibliography. Learn more

    Blogs: Blogs by evaluators and/or about evaluation. Learn more

    Collections of Instruments and Tools: Sites recommended by members as compilations (broadly defined) of tools and instruments of use to evaluators. Learn more

    Collections of Links: Sites similar to this page with links to multiple web-resources related to evaluation. Only sites with content significantly different from this list are included. Learn more

    Consultants: Independent consultants and firms with AEA members. Learn more

    Cultural Reading of The Program Evaluation Standards (2nd ed): Reports, primary source materials, and intermediate working documents from the cultural reading by AEA's Diversity Committee. Learn more

    Discussion Lists (listservs): Email based discussion lists focusing on evaluation and/or evaluation-related methodologies. Learn more

    Educational Accountability and High Stakes Testing Public Statements: AEA's public statement on educational accountability, high stakes testing, and accompanying resources. Learn more

    Foundations: Foundations funding applied research. Learn more

    Government Evaluation Divisions/Units and NGOs: Evaluation Divisions/Units of Government entities as well as evaluation units of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Learn more

    Logic Models: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prepared and released a Library Guide on Logic Models for internal and external use. Learn more

    Masters of Public Health: Programs provide the opportunity for people across a range of talents to make a difference in community health - both locally and globally. Learn more

    Online Handbooks and Texts: Online, multi-chapter documents focusing on "how to's" of evaluation-related subjects. Learn more 

    Public Issues Forums: Recordings and transcript from forums focusing on PART and Evaluation in Federal Agencies Learn more

    Qualitative Data Analysis Software: Products for analyzing text, audio, and pictorial data. Learn more

    Reports and Research from AEA: AEA has conducted a number of surveys, scans, and inquiries in order to understand better its members and the field. Learn more

    Social Innovation Fund Evaluation Plan Guidance: Learn More

    Scientifically Based Evaluation Methods: AEA response to US Department of Education Request for Comment regarding Scientifically Based Evaluation Methods and related resources. Learn more

    Survey Design, Administration, Scanning & Analysis Products: Products for developing and administering surveys as well as scanning (OCR etc) survey/form results. Learn more

    University/Academic Departments and Centers: The listed academic Centers and Institutes focus a significant portion of their work in the area of evaluation. Learn more

    University and College Programs: The listed universities offer graduate-level programs and/or certificates in evaluation. Learn more