eStudy 088- The Seven Habits of Highly Utilized Evaluations
eStudy 088- The Seven Habits of Highly Utilized Evaluations


Kylie Hutchinson, Principal, Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation


Every evaluator wants to see their findings used for informed decision and policy-making, but this doesn’t happen by magic.  In this fun and interactive webinar, we’ll examine known barriers to the utilization of results as well as concrete ideas on how to facilitate greater utilization.  Participants will leave with practical techniques and tips for engaging stakeholders, writing better recommendations, reporting more effectively, and developing action plans.

Learning Outcomes:

State the known barriers and facilitators of the utilization of findings
Describe three ways to write more actionable recommendations
List four principles for more engaging evaluation reporting
Use a template for identifying action steps for moving forward

Dates and Sessions:

May 15 1:00-2:30pm (EST) Day 1:

  • Welcome & Overview
  • Plan for Use
  • Barriers & Facilitators
  • Engage Your Stakeholders
  • Consider Evaluation Design

May 17 1:00-2:30pm (EST) Day 2:

  • Write Actionable Recommendations
  • Report Effectively
  • Adopt a System
  • Wrap Up


Kylie Hutchinson, CE, is an independent evaluator and trainer with Community Solutions Planning and Evaluation. She is the author of A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting, Survive and Thrive: Three Steps to Securing Your Program’s Sustainability, and an upcoming book on evaluation failures (SAGE, 2018). Kylie’s interest in utilization stems from twenty years of experience in evaluation consulting plus ten years training evaluators on the subject of effective reporting and its role in evaluation utilization. Her passion is taking evaluation research and theory and translating it into practical resources and tips for evaluators on the ground.

Facilitation Experience:

I have delivered this particular workshop seven times in person and once as a webinar: four times for the US Centers of Disease Control, three times at AEA conferences, and once as a private webinar.  Each occurrence provides me with an opportunity to tweak the content. From 2005 - 2011 I facilitated the CES Essential Skills in Evaluation workshop series in BC.  I hold a diploma in Instructional Design and for five years taught in an Instructional Design program at a community college in Canada. Additional testimonials as to my facilitation expertise can be found at 


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