What will AEA be in 2020?

In January 2014, the Board embarked on a multi-year discussion about the future of AEA. The first step was to re-envision the Ends Goals statements. (AEA follows a policy based governance model and the Ends Goals are the strategic driver.) The newly written goals focus on how the organization, its members and society as a whole would be impacted if AEA were successful in all of its endeavors.

A full, expanded list of the Ends Goals Statements can be found online here.

Directors analyzed the Ends Goals and aligned them with the overall organizational mission.  We then analyzed the organization’s programs to see where the alignment and potential gaps might be.  Management then developed action plans for ways to move toward the achievement of the Ends Goals. The Board continues to work on identifying success indicators of these various objectives.

In an effort to communicate this entire endeavor, I solicited Ann Emery, an AEA member and leader in the data visualization discipline, to assist in creating a communication tool to describe the strategic planning process as well as the future strategic direction of the organization. She assisted in developing a dynamic, recorded Power Point presentation narrated by me.

The Board and AEA Management reviewed member surveys, conference surveys, organizational data, conversations with various members through focus groups and outreach as well as a review of similar organizations. These Ends Goals and the subsequent Strategic Plan are living documents that will continue to evolve.

AEA’s tomorrow is dynamic and compelling. The focus of AEA’s work is to enhance the professionalism of the individual evaluator as well as helping evaluation be an important tool for change in the overall society. The future includes an Evaluation Academy, an Evaluation Research and Policy Center, an online Evaluation Marketplace to connect evaluators with evaluation user and provide tools and a supportive message on the important role of evaluators.

We’d love to hear from you. Please offer your feedback by emailing me at droosendaal@eval.org or post your thoughts and comments here on the Strategic Planning Tracker page. Thank you for the privilege of serving the evaluation community.

Denise Roosendaal
Executive Director, American Evaluation Association

The American Evaluation Association in 2020

Aligning the Ends Goals with AEA's Programming

Aligning the Ends Goals with AEA's Mission

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