AEA Advocacy and Use Evaluation Award

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Award Description

Presented to an individual or group whose evaluation work has been particularly instrumental in furthering the interests of evaluation through advocacy, sponsorship, management, or promoting the use of evaluation in governmental, (including local, state and federal government), nonprofit, and/or private organizations and whose work is consistent with the AEA Guiding Principles for Evaluators

  • The award reflects efforts to advance the profession and practice of evaluation in government, nonprofit, and private sectors and the relationship between these sectors and AEA.
  • The award is not intended as an award for evaluation.
  • The award may reflect either sustained contributions over time, or a singular achievement.
  • The contributions to evaluation may reflect a range of activities. For example: advocacy, sponsorship, management, and use of evaluation in governmental, nonprofit, and/or private organizations.

Required Nomination Materials

For hardcopy submissions, five copies of each of the following materials must be sent via landmail to the AEA office in a SINGLE package. Electronic submissions must contain each of the following materials combined into ONE electronic file. Submitted materials are not returned.

  1. Nomination Form: Please review all of the required nomination materials before completing the Nomination Form which can be found on thea Submission Instructions page (See below).
  2. Nomination Summary: Include a 150-word summary of the nomination
  3. Nomination Justification: A statement from either the nominee or nominator justifying the award nomination. This should illustrate the nominee’s consistent utilization of the AEA Guiding Principles for Evaluators (maximum of 10 pages).
  4. Letters of Support: At least two and no more than five statements from colleagues, focusing on the criteria for the award, and in support of the nomination.
  5. Supporting Documentation:
    • A vita or resume (maximum of 10 pages).
    • Up to three publications and reports. The committee asks that nominators balance quality and brevity when considering documents for submission. Please select publications and reports that demonstrate the quality of the nominee and avoid submitting documents that duplicate the contribution of other documents. Publications and reports provided should illustrate the nominee’s consistent utilization of the AEA Guiding Principles for Evaluators.

Submission Instructions

Once you have review the Required Nomination Materials above please review the award Submission Instructions.

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