Evaluation 2022 Proposal Submissions

Eval 2021 Theme: Meeting the Moment

Evaluation 2022
November 7-12, 2022
(re)shaping evaluation together


Proposal submissions for our conference program has now closed. 

Our theme for 2022 is “(re)shaping evaluation together." It reflects on this defining moment, one where we no longer have the luxury of time. More than five million people have perished from Covid-19, poverty has increased for the first time since 1998 with 70-100 million people estimated to have been pushed into extreme poverty, hundreds of millions have lost their livelihoods, and the earth’s temperature is well on its way to passing its point of no return. 

The time for change is now. Evaluators, we have a responsibility to act with urgency to help transform the systems, policies, and practices that have created today’s challenges, and help build toward a more equitable, sustainable future.

As you prepare to submit proposals for AEA’s 2022 conference, please consider these three areas influencing evaluation:

  • Equity, social justice, and decolonization
  • New funders and social finance
  • Digital data and technology

How do these trends affect our evaluation practice? What new issues emerge that must be considered for evaluation theory and practice? What becomes easier? What becomes harder?

These three areas are often approached and addressed with siloed, vertical thinking which limits comprehensive, holistic and systematic solutions. Evaluation 2022 invites you to move beyond these artificial barriers and consider how to integrate, reconsider and reimagine a new future together. It prompts us all to cultivate genuine relationships and thinking that allow us to reach across our own schools of thoughts, personal communities and networks with humility and curiosity. Questions that will run through these groups are:

  • What implications do these areas of work collectively have on evaluation theory and practice? 
  • Where are the bright stars that show us a new, more integrated, way forward? 
  • How should we rethink our own role and personal biases, particularly in creating harm, throughout the evaluation lifecycle?
  • Who are the new actors and players in these spaces and how does that shift the what, how and why of evaluation? 
  • What new risks should we (evaluators) be considering as these areas continue to evolve?

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for a dynamic variety of presentations to meet the diverse needs of the AEA members. Presentation types include panel discussions, expert lectures, roundtables, skill building workshops, and more.

The AEA conference includes a wide range of topics - from evaluation results, to new theories, to practical skill-building for day-to-day practice. Audiences consist of evaluators, evaluation managers, and other stakeholders. To reach that broad audience, strong content should (1) match the title and proposal printed in the program, and (2) follow an action-oriented structure. Structure your content so that it prioritizes the information most relevant for AEA audiences and provides suggested time allotments.

We encourage you to think creatively about your presentations, their design, and format. Please choose the presentation type that best fits your material and utilizes your content in the greatest way. Skill-building workshops, panel discussions, demonstrations, and expert lectures continue to be the most popular session types at the annual conference. 

Think About the AEA Guiding Principles

We want your proposal to connect to the AEA guiding principles, as well as the AEA Evaluator Competencies. The Guiding Principles reflect the core values of AEA and are intended as a guide to the professional ethical conduct of evaluators. Keep these principles in mind when developing your proposals. When submitting your proposal, you will be asked to choose one or two principles that are related to your topic or proposal. Learn more about the AEA Guiding Principles.

DEADLINE: Proposal Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM ET on Monday, May 23, 2022.

Submitters must log in to the AEA website to submit a proposal. Each submitter must either log in to eval.org or create a guest account to submit a proposal.