International Policy Update - 13 Different Ways AEA Will Support the Global Evaluation Agenda

From Mike Hendricks, AEA Representative to the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), with contributions from Jim Rugh, EvalPartners Co-Coordinator

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In an exciting and important development, the AEA Board of Directors has accepted the recommendations of its International Working Group and soon the AEA management will initiate 13 separate actions to support the brand-new (and first-ever) Global Evaluation Agenda 2016–2020, also known as EvalAgenda2020.  To our knowledge, this forward-thinking decision makes AEA the first Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPE) in the world to develop such an action plan.

In addition, the table below shows a second admirable aspect to this effort. As you can see, AEA will work to support all three dimensions of EvalAgenda2020: (1) the enabling environment for evaluation (including especially more demand for evaluation), (2) institutional capacities to commission and utilize evaluations, and (3) individual capacities to conduct evaluations.

Furthermore, AEA will work not just within the AEA membership or just within the United States, but will also to try to create knowledge sharing opportunities with other VOPEs and other countries. We can all be very proud of the way AEA has decided to be a resource and create opportunities for relationships within the evaluation community around the world.



Now, of course, the real work begins. Envisioning these activities is one thing, but making them a reality is quite different. If you would like to become involved in any of these 13 different ways, you are most welcome. To submit your name into the pool of volunteers, please email and tell us which effort(s) interest you.

Also, if you are involved in a Topical Interest Group (TIG) or a local affiliate, discuss with your colleagues where their interests overlap with these 13 initiatives. A quick review of the list of TIGs and local affiliates suggests that there are lots of possibilities here.

Finally, come to the special session at our October conference to hear President-elect Kathy Newcomer and Executive Director Denise Roosendaal report on AEA’s most up-to-date plans. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet personally with AEA’s leaders and other colleagues who also want to get involved. Click here to download the 13 Initiatives. Click here to download the entire AEA International Strategy Document.

These are exciting times for evaluation globally. Kudos to the AEA Board of Directors for helping to shape the future of our field.

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