The Project Portfolio—A Cloud-Based Internal Monitoring and Evaluation System Built upon Open Source Technologies

Session Number: 2440
Track: Integrating Technology into Evaluation
Session Type: Demonstration
Tags: Cloud-based, Data Capture and Management (DCM), monitoring & evaluation, Open Source
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: David Sul, M.Sc. [Senior Partner - Sul & Associates]
Time: Nov 13, 2015 (11:00 AM - 11:45 AM)
Room: Skyway 272

Audience Level: Intermediate

Session Abstract: 

Administrators of small to medium sized non-profit organizations often struggle to tell a more complete story of the impact of their programming. Using web-based technologies, a more robust form of information can be captured, stored and used for monitoring and evaluation purposes. While commercially available, costs for comprehensive monitoring and evaluation systems are often prohibitive for such non-profit organizations. The Project Portfolio is a cloud-based system built upon open source technologies and houses the major elements of a monitoring and evaluation process. Through the ability to display documents, photographs, and video clips, a more comprehensive understanding of the program can be obtained. When paired with an organizational planning initiative, system-wide information can be accumulated and compared across activities, programs and years.

This demonstration will show how the Project Portfolio places the definition, capture, and storage of critical monitoring and evaluation data at the center of program development and management.