Process Mapping: A Collaborative Technique for Designing and Refining Program Activities, Improving Program Efficiency, and Defining Quality Program Implementation

Session Number: 2360
Track: Program Design
Session Type: Skill-Building Workshop
Tags: process improvement
First Author or Discussion Group Leader: Kara Crohn [Managing Consultant - EMI Consulting]
Second Author or Discussion Group Leader: Matthew Galen [Evaluation Consultant - Claremont Graduate University]
Time: Nov 11, 2015 (04:30 PM - 06:00 PM)
Room: Skyway 272

Audience Level: Advanced

Session Abstract: 

As evaluators, we are constantly concerned with selecting methods that increase an evaluation’s practical utility to stakeholders. Process mapping is a diagramming method beloved by organizational development scholars and consultants for its relative simplicity and practical value. Process maps are not logic models; they show how program activities are operationalized. In this workshop, the presenters will introduce applications of process mapping techniques for program planning and refinement and best practices for facilitating stellar process model sessions with stakeholders and clients. Following this introduction, the majority of the workshop time will consist of a simulated session of collaborative process map development. With facilitation from the presenters, participants will work together to develop a process map. This activity will be followed by a debriefing session in which the presenters will facilitate a discussion of challenges that arose, lessons learned, and ways in which these lessons can be applied in professional evaluation practice.