Measuring Quality of Job-Embedded Teacher Collaboration

Session Number: 406
Track: PreK-12 Educational Evaluation
Session Type: Demonstration
Presenter 1: Rebecca Woodland [University of Massachusetts Amherst]
Time: Oct 16, 2014 (02:00 PM - 02:45 PM)
Room: Centennial B

Level: None

Session Abstract:  In this session, the Teacher Collaboration Assessment Survey (TCAS), a validated instrument for the systematic assessment and targeted improvement of job-embedded teacher collaboration, will be demonstrated. Session participants will see how K-12 school districts in the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the United States are using the TCAS for self-assessment by individual teacher team members, as a building-level assessment by school principals, and as a tool for program evaluation at the district level for large-scale school reform initiatives. The TCAS enables the empirical examination of the four core domains of teacher collaboration - dialogue, decision-making, action and evaluation - in order to make targeted evidenced-based improvements to practice. Session participants will see how the TCAS has helped K-12 educators to avoid "collaboration lite" whereby mere congeniality and imprecise conversation is confused with the serious professional dialogue vital to instructional change, student learning, and school improvement.