Learning to Fly: Sharing Developmental Evaluation Experiences to Soar

Session Number: 713
Track: Independent Consulting
Session Type: Birds of a Feather Gathering
Presenter 1: Brian Hoessler [Strong Roots Consulting]
Presenter 2: Chi Yan Lam [Queen's University]
Time: Oct 18, 2014 (07:00 AM - 07:50 AM)
Room: Centennial E, Table 2

Level: None

Session Abstract:  Developmental evaluation, as an approach that supports program innovation and adaptation to complex contexts, calls for new ways of working with organizations and programs. The nature of program development poses unique and novel challenges to evaluators. What are some potential effective practices for evaluators, particularly independent consultants, to survive and thrive in such settings? This Birds of a Feather Gathering will focus on sharing experiences and generating insights into the practices of developmental evaluation, with potential topics for discussion including introducing developmental evaluation ideas to clients, complexities around gaining entry into such projects, defining and framing developmental evaluation, managing client expectations, building relationships, navigating the insider/outsider role, and perhaps most importantly, how to budget for it. Whether you have numerous developmental evaluation projects under your belt or are just testing the waters, you are invited to participate, share, and learn!