Getting to the real value in 'value for money'

Session Number: 734
Track: Costs, Effectiveness, Benefits, and Economics
Session Type: Roundtable
Presenter 1: Julian King [Kinnect Group]
Time: Oct 15, 2014 (06:15 PM - 07:00 PM)
Room: Agate A

Level: None

Session Abstract:  Have you ever felt shortchanged after a program was sliced and diced by cost benefit analysis (CBA)? Often touted as the gold standard for evaluating value for money, CBA has well documented limitations as an evaluative tool for promoting a sustainable, equitable future. Most worryingly, it can fall short of expressing the real value of social investments. In this presentation, a draft framework will be presented setting out proposed characteristics of 'good' evaluation of the value of social investments. Implications for evaluation practice will be discussed.