Impact, Influence, Leverage and Learning: An Outcome Framework for Non-Profits, Foundations, and Other Social Impact Organizations

Session Number: 237
Track: Nonprofit and Foundations
Session Type: Demonstration
Presenter 1: Jane Linda Reisman [ORS Impact]
Presenter 2: Thomas Kelly, Jr. [Hawai`i Community Foundation]
Presenter 3: Marshall Brumer [ORS Impact]
Time: Oct 16, 2014 (01:00 PM - 01:45 PM)
Room: 702

Level: None

Session Abstract:  Social impact comes in many packages. Non-profits, foundations, and other social impact organizations usually look for changes in individual lives to demonstrate that their investment of resources, time and talent has made a difference. But what about those cases where change happens in the circumstances or conditions that affect people's lives and the places where they live? For example, policy reform, changes in business practices, racially equitable institutions, shifts in norms, strengthened alliances, and protected watersheds all represent significant changes that directly affect the lives of individuals. We have been developing and testing an outcomes framework for measuring all of these types of changes: the Impact, Influence, Leverage and Learning (IILL) framework. This session offers a brief that describes this framework, specific examples about measures that fit with each category of the framework, and concrete examples about how it has been successfully applied in philanthropic and non-profit work.