Topical Interest Groups

Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) are a major component of the life of AEA members. Each TIG is defined around a special topic or interest to subgroups of AEA. TIGs coordinate their efforts through AEA and participate actively in AEA's annual conference through reviewing proposals in their area of interest and developing a strand of conference sessions. Members of AEA may join up to five TIGs as part of membership.

  • To learn more about a TIG, connect to its website (if available) or contact the TIG leadership
  • To join a TIG, logon to the members-only portion of the website and update your TIG selections
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TIG Title Name and Address Tel/Email
Advocacy and Policy Change Chair Jared Raynor
TCC Group
Philadelphia, PA USA
Tel: 215-536-0399
Email: jraynor@tccgrp.com
Co-chair Robin Kane
RK Evaluation & Strategies
Washington, DC, USA
Tel: 202-549-0406
Email: robin@rkevaluation.com
Program Chair Anne Gienapp
ORS Impact
Seattle, WA USA
Tel: 206-728-0474
Email: agienapp@orsimpact.com
Program Co-chair Zsuzsanna Lippai
Open Society Foundations
New York, NY USA
Tel: 202-251-7289
Email: zsuszi.lippai@gmail.com
Arts, Culture, and Museums Chair & Program Chair Annabel Jackson
Annabel Jackson Associates Ltd
Bath, UK 
Tel: +44-1225-446614
Email: ajataja@aol.com
Co-Chair & Program Co-Chair Ivonne Chand O'Neal
MUSE Research
Kensington, MD USA
Tel: 310-617-9959
Email: ivonne@museresearchgroup.org

Assessment in Higher Education

Chair  Guili Zhang
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC USA
Tel: 252-328-4989  
Email: zhangg@ecu.edu
Co-Chair Courtney Vengrin
Iowa State University
Ames, IA USA
Tel: 515-294-7292
Email: cvengrin@iastate.edu
Program Chair Melissa Mercer-Tachick
MUSE Educational Consulting, LLC
Grass Lake, MI USA
Tel: 844-687-3004 x701
Email: melissa@museconsulting.info
Program Co-Chair Chad E. Kee 
Washington, DC, USA

Tel: 202-427-5327
Email: ckee@whitworthkee.com

Behavioral Health Chair  Roger Boothroyd
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA 
Tel: 813-974-1915
Program Chair Elizabeth Oyer
Choices Coordinated Care Solutions
Indianapolis, IN USA 
Tel: 317-205-8267
Email: EOyer@ChoicesCCS.org 
Co-Chair & Program Co-Chair Kathleen Ferreira
Center for Social Innovation
Needham, MA USA 
Tel: 352-212-2616
Email: kferreira@center4si.com

Cluster, Multi-site and Multi-level Evaluation

Chair Juna Snow
InnovatEd Consulting, LLC.
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 617-440-4435
Email: jsnow@innovatedconsulting.com
Program Chair Elizabeth Oyer
Choices Coordinated Care Solutions 
Indianapolis, IN USA 
Tel: 317-205-8267
Email: EOyer@ChoicesCCS.org
Program Co-Chair Lillian Madrigal 
ICF International
Decatur, GA USA
Tel: 404-592-2102
Email: lillian.madrigal@icf.com
Collaborative, Participatory & Empowerment Evaluation Chair  David Fetterman
Fetterman Associates
San Jose, CA USA
Tel: 650-269-5689
Email: fettermanassociates@gmail.com
Co-chair & Program Chair Liliana Rodriguez-Campos
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA
Tel: 813-974-1163
College Access Programs Chair  Joaquina Scott
Prairie View A & M University
Prairie View, TX USA
Tel: 832-605-2144
Email: joaquinakankam@gmail.com
Program Chair

Amanda Yearling
Glen Oaks Community College
Centreville, MI USA

Tel: 269-294-4219
Email: amanda.r.wilson@wmich.edu

Community Development


David Chavis 
Community Science 
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Tel: 301-519-1100
Email: dchavis@communityscience.com

Program Chair

Amy Minzner
Community Science 
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Tel: 240-813-9273
Email: aminzner@communityscience.com

Program Co-chair

Seema Mahato
Ohio University 
Athens, Ohio USA
Tel: 812-603-7008
Email: sm618312@ohio.edu
Community Psychology Chair Duane House
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 770-488-6302
Email: hve8@cdc.gov

Michelle Abraczinskas
REACH Institute | Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ USA

Tel: 480-965-7420
Email: abraczin@email.sc.edu
Program Chair

Erica Clarke
The Evaluation Center, University of Colorado - Denver
Denver, CO USA

Tel: 720-476-6238
Email: ericasandman@yahoo.com
Program Co-chair

Crystal Coker
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Landsdowne, VA USA

Tel: 703-723-8000
Email: ccoker@jkcf.org

Costs, Effectiveness Benefits, and Economics

Chair Ronald Scott Visscher
Western Michigan University
Holland, MI USA

Tel: 616-510-8206
Email: ron.visscher@gmail.com

Co-Chair Brian Yates
American University
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 301-775-1892
Email: brian.yates@mac.com
Program Chair Nadini Persaud
University of the West Indies
St Michael, Barbados
Tel: 206-497-1404
Email: npersaud07@yahoo.com
Program Co-chair Tom Garwin
Washington, DC USA
Tel: (202) 669-4228
Email: tom.garwin@strattg.com
Crime and Justice Chair  Billie-Jo Grant
Macmillan Learning/ Cal Poly State University
San Luid Obispo, CA USA
Tel: 805-550-9132
Email: billiejogrant@gmail.com.
Data Visualization and Reporting Chair John Nash
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY USA
Tel: 650-799-6703
Email: john.nash@uky.edu
Co-chair Jennifer Lyons
Lyons Visualization, LLC
Whitmore Lake, MI USA

Tel: 650-799-6703
Email: john.nash@uky.edu

Program Chair Stephanie Evergreen
Evergreen Data
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-425-1650
Email: stephanie@stephanieevergreen.com
Program Co-chair Jessica Weitzel 
Via Evaluation 
Buffalo, NY USA
Email: jessica@viaeval.com

Democracy and Governance 




Denise L. Baer
Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
Washington, DC USA

Email: DBaer@cipe.org

Co-Chair Chareen Stark
Washington, DC USA
Email: DiggsDL@state.gov
Program Chair Dylan Diggs
Department of State
Washington, DC USA

Email: DiggsDL@state.gov

Program Co-chair Kate Krueger
International Republican Institute 
Email: kkrueger@iri.org
Design and Analysis of Experiments Chair  Carl D. Westine
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, NC USA 
Tel: 704-687-8539
Email: cwestine@uncc.edu

Ben Kelcey
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH USA

Tel: 571-216-2737
Email: ben.kelcey@gmail.com

Program Chair Dustin J. Anderson
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA 
Email: andersondj3443@gmail.com
Program Co-chair

M. H. Clark
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL USA

Email: M.H.Clark@ucf.edu 

Disabilities and Underrepresented Populations

Chair June Gothberg
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-841-9279
Email: june.gothberg@wmich.edu
Program Chair Caitlyn Bukaty 
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL USA
Tel: 407-823-6130
Email: Caitlyn.Bukaty@ucf.edu
Program Co-Chair Ryan Machtmes
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA

Tel: 571.216.2737
Email: macht012@umn.edu

Disaster & Emergency Management Evaluation Chair 

Sue Ann Corell Sarpy
Sarpy and Associates  Charlottesville, VA USA 

Tel: 434-328-2142 Email: ssarpy@sarpyassoc.com


Steven Hansch
International Business and Technical consultants, Inc. 
Vienna, VA USA 

Email: steven.hansch@gmail.com
Program Chair

Phung Pham                          Children's Hospital Los Angeles Emergency Department                  Los Angeles, CA USA

Email: phung.pham@cgu.edu

Hema Bhatt                            University of Melborne, Australia & Oxford Policy Management, Nepal Melborne, Aus

Email: link2hema@gmail.com
Distance Education & Other Educational Technologies
Chair & Program Chair
Alice Walters
Walden University
Redford, MI USA
Tel: 313-333-2445
Email: alicewalters@ymail.com
Environmental Program Evaluation Chair Allison Van
Allison Van Consulting Service
Carrboro, NC USA 
Tel: 919-903-0838
Email: allisvan@gmail.com
Program Chair Rupu Gupta
New York, NY USA 
Tel: 917-574-8531
Email: rgupta@newknowledge.org
Program Co-Chair Greta Landis
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI USA 
Tel: 207-852-8366
Email: glandis2@wisc.edu
Evaluation Managers and Supervisors Chair Seana Hasson
YMCA of the USA
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 312-419-8468
Email: Seana.Hasson@ymca.net
Program Chair Beryl Otumfuor
Atlanta Speech School
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-233-5332
Email: BOtumfuor@atlantaspeechschool.org
Evaluation Policy Chair & Program Chair Kristin Kaylor Richardson
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 248-770-3430
Email: kkayrich7@gmail.com 
Extension Education Evaluation Chair John Diaz
University of Florida 
Plant City, FL USA 
Tel: 813-757-2297
Email: john.diaz@ufl.edu
Program Chair Anil Kuman Chaudhary 
Penn State University
State College, PA USA
Tel: 814-441-6209
Email: auk259@psu.edu
Feminist Issues in Evaluation Chair Svetlana Negroustoueva
Independent M&E Gender Consultant 
Washington, DC USA
 Email: negroustoueva@gmail.com

Sabira Ebaady
Louisiana Public Health Institute
New Orleans, LA USA

Email: sebaady@lphi.org

Program Co-Chair Christine Fabian
The Lead Center, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Madison, WI USA

Email: christine.fabian@wisc.edu
Program Co-Chair Michael Bamberger
Independent Consultant 
Beaverton, OR USA

Email: jmichaelbamberger@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Jane Whynot
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Email: jwhyn021@uottawa.ca
Graduate Education Diversity Internship  Inaugural Chair

Dominic Combs
GEDI Cohort 13 - District 13
PhD Student                        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign                                      Champaign, IL USA

Tel: 937-825-0147
Email: dcombs2@illinois.edu

Inaugural Vice-Chair/Program Chair

Thana-Ashley Charles                GEDI Cohort 13 - District 13          TCC Group, Evaluation Consultant  New York, NY USA

Tel: 917-476-3267 
Email: thana.ashley@gmail.com

Government Evaluation Chair

Krystal Tomlin
National Institutes of Health/NIAID Bethesda, MD, USA

Tel: 240-669-2101
Email: krystal.tomlin@nih.gov
Co-Chair Lance McCleve
Idaho Legislature Office of Performance Evaluations
Boise, ID USA 
Tel: 208-332-1470
Email: lmccleve@ope.idaho.gov
Program Chair Sandra Brooks 
Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Rosslyn, VA USA
Tel: 571-814-7604
Email: sabrooks@deloitte.com
Program Co-Chair

Amanda Bartlett
Idaho Legislature                        Boise, ID USA

Tel: 571-882-7084
Email: abartlett@ope.idaho.gov
Graduate Students and New Evaluators Chair Tara Lightner 
West Michigan University
Tel: 269-929-5121
Email: tara.m.schmid@wmich.edu
Program Chair Agnieszka Rykaczewska 
Claremont Graduate University 
Claremont, CA USA
Tel: 865-719-4910
Email: agnieszka.rykaczewska@cgu.edu

Health Evaluation


Robert LaChausse
California Baptist University          Riverside, CA USA

Tel: 951-552-8484
Email: rlachausse@calbaptist.edu
Program Chair Jenica Huddleston Reed
Deloitte Consulting 
Sacramento, CA USA
Tel: 925-202-3133
Email: jhreed@deloitte.com

Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research

Inaugural Chair

Jessica Harlan, PhD                  Senior Research Consultant         Gallup, Inc.                                   Washington, DC USA

Tel: 202-715-3140 
Email: Jessica_harlan@gallup.com


Asma M. Ali, PhD                      Principal Consultant                        AA & Associates                          Chicago, IL USA

Tel: 312-399-8881
Email: asma.ali1@gmail.com

Program chair

Patrick Barlow, PhD
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA USA

Tel: 319-384-4291
Email: patrick-barlow@uiowa.edu
Program Co-chair

Anne Vo, PhD                      Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Education                                      Associate Director of Evaluation          Keck School of Medicine                    University of Southern California

Tel: 323-442-0311
Email: annevo@usc.edu

Human Services Evaluation

Chair Mansoor Kazi
Fredonia State University of New York
Fredonia, NY USA  
Tel: 716-417-0419
Email: kazim@fredonia.edu
Co-chair Yeongbin Kim
Fredonia State University of New York
Fredonia, NY USA  
Email: ykim9@albany.edu
Program Chair Roshani Dahal
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Saint Paul, MN USA  
Tel: 651-431-6379
Email: roshani.dahal@state.mn.us
Independent Consulting Chair Tamara Hamai
Hamai Consulting.
Walnut, CA  USA
Tel: 866-771-2109
Email: tamara@hamaiconsulting.com
Program Chair Jeremy Braithwaite
EvaluAct, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA  USA
Email: jbraithwaite@evaluact.com
Program Co-Chair Lisa Kaczmarcyk Email: lisakacz@gmail.com

Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation

Chair Beth Michel, MPH
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: (602) 463-2872
Email: bjbahe@gmail.com
Co-chair Nicole Bowman (Mohican/Munsee),Ph.D.
Bowman Performance Consulting
Shawano, WI USA
Tel: 715-526-9240
Email: nicky@bpcwi.com
Program Chair

Aneta Cram                                Kaota Limited Auckland City, New Zealand

Email: anetacram@gmail.com
Program Co-chair

Elizabeth Taylor-Schiro/biidaabanikwe                      University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  Minneapolis, MN

Tel: 715-699-2526
Email: tayl0564@umn.edu
Integrating Technology into Evaluation Chair Nathan Balasubramanian
iLearn LLC 
Austin, TX USA
Tel: 720-936-5999
Email: nathanbala@gmail.com
Co-chair Zach Tilton
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 208-243-6524
Email: zachary.d.tilton@wmich.edu
Program Chair Paul V Lorton Jr
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA USA
Tel: 650-576-4752
Email: Lorton@usfca.edu
Program Co-chair Matilde Figuracion
New Zealand Ministry of Education
Wellington, New Zealand
Tel: 0064-4-9763787                Email: matilde.figuracion@education.govt.nz
Internal Evaluation Chair Boris B Volkov
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA
Tel: 612-624-7176
Email: volk0057@umn.edu
Co-Chair Dana McCurdy
Wikimedia Foundation
San Francisco, CA USA 
Tel: 808-371-4256
Email: dmccurdy@wikimedia.org
Program Chair

Danelle Marable                    Massachusetts General Hospital  Melrose, MA USA

Tel: 617-724-6857
Email: dmarable@partners.org
Program Co-Chair

Rhonda Williams
Region 10 Education Service Center    Richardson, TX USA

Tel: 972-349-1012
Email: rhonda.williams@region10.org
International and Cross Cultural Evaluation Chair  Xiaoxia Newton
University of Massachusetts
Lowell, MA
Tel: 978-934-5233
Email: Xiaoxia_Newton@uml.edu
Co-chair Shawna Hoffman
The Rockefeller Foundation
New York, NY USA 
Tel: 917-587-0382
Email: SAHoffman@rockfound.org
Program Chair Mishkah Jakoet
Genesis Analytics
South Africa

Email: mishkaht@genesis-analytics.com

Latinx Responsive Evaluation Discourse Chair Grisel Robles-Schrader
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 626-358-0246
Email: grisel.robles-schrader@northwestern.edu
Co-chair  David Garcia, EdD, MPH
Latino Commission on AIDS 
San Antonio, TX USA
Tel: 917-327-2785
Email: dgarcia@latinoaids.org
Program Chair Asma Ali
AA Associates
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 312-399-8881
Email: asma.ali1@gmail.com
Program Co-chair Ammy Senna
Boston College
Boston, MA USA
Tel: 312-399-8881
Email: senaam@bc.edu

Leadership and Organizational Performance


Jennifer Dewey
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Monterey, CA USA

Tel: 571-232-3783
Email: jenniferdewey2002@yahoo.com
Program Chair Kristy Moster
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Cincinnati, OH USA
Tel: 513-803-0582
Email: Kristina.moster@cchmc.org
Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender Issues

Chair Carlos Romero
Apex Education
Albuquerque, NM USA
Tel: 505-828-0082
Email: c.romero@apexeval.org
Co-chair Libby Smith                              University of Wisconsin Stout
Menomonie, WI USA
Tel: 717-232-5412
Email: smithlib@uwstout.edu
Program Chair Amanda Jones                         
University of Maryland Baltimore Baltimore, MD USA
Tel: 410-689-9075
Email: ajones@som.umaryland.edu

Military and Veterans

Chair Stephen Axelrad
Booz Allen Hamilton
Arlington, VA USA
Tel: 240-305-1635
Email: stephen.h.axelrad@gmail.com

Lara Hilton                         
Deloitte Consulting                        Los Angeles, CA USA

Tel: 323-620-5272
Email: lhilton@deloitte.com
Program Chair Julianne Manchester
Defense Contractor 
Silver Spring, MD USA
Tel: 614-284-2987
Email: julianne.manchester@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Rhodri Dierst-Davies 
Deloitte Consulting
Santa Rosa, CA USA
Tel: 415-420-8351
Email: rdierstdavies@deloitte.com

Mixed Methods Evaluation

Chair Jenna LaChenaye, Ph.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL USA
Tel: 205-934-2008
Email: jmlach@uab.edu
Program Chair Tamara Cohen Daley, PhD
Durham, NC USA
Tel: 919-474-8038
Email: tamaradaley@westat.com
Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation Chair

Leah Peoples                              NYU Metro Center                          New York, NY USA

Tel: 212-998-5477          Email: leah.peoples@gmail.com
Co-Chair  Ayesha Boyce
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC USA
Tel: 602-614-6039
Email: ayesha.boyce@uncg.edu
Program Chair Diana Lemos                              AIDS Foundation of Chicago  Chicago, IL USA

Tel: 312-784-9086
Email: dlemos@aidschicago.org

Program Co-chair Shaneeka Favors
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA USA 
Email: sfavors1@student.gsu.edu
Needs Assessment Chair  Lisle Hites
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL USA
Tel: 205-975-8980
Email: lhites@uab.edu
Co-Chair  Hsin-Ling (Sonya) Hung
VCU Center on Health Disparities
Richmond, VA USA
Tel: 804-828-1828
Email: hsinling.hung@vcuhealth.org
Program Chair Ryan Watkins
George Washington Univeristy 
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-210-0421
Program Co-chair Yi-Fang Lee
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +866-2-23627553
Nonprofit and Foundations Chair Susan M. Wolfe
Susan Wolfe and Associates, LLC
Cedar Hill, TX USA
Tel: 682-472-1161
Email: susan@susanwolfeandassociates.com
Co-chair Ann Webb Price, Ph.D. 
Community Evaluations Solutions
Alparetta, GA USA
Tel: 770-367-0942
Email: aprice@communityevaluationsolutions.com
Program Chair Katelyn Mack
San Francisco, CA USA
Tel: 415-689-3874
Email: katelyn.mack@gmail.com
Program Co-chair

Shanesha R.F. Brooks-Tatum
Creative Research Solutions
Atlanta, GA USA

Tel: 734-717-9292                                                Email: shanesha@creativeresearchsolutions.com

Organizational Learning & Evaluation Capacity Building Chair Erin Bock
Sherwood Foundation
Omaha, NE
Tel: 402-341-1717
Email: erinb@sherwoodfoundation.org
Co-chair Krisanna Machtmes
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio USA

Tel: 740-597-1323
Email: machtmes@ohio.edu

Program Chair Cheryl Endres
Western Michigan University
Grand Rapids, MI USA 
Tel: 616-361-2956
Email: cheryl.endres@wmich.edu
Program Co-Chair Marcela Gutierrez
North Miami, FL USA 
Tel: 610-570-6062
Email: marcelag1205@gmail.com
PreK-12 Educational Evaluation Chair Caroline R.H. Wiley
Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) Alexandria, VA USA
Tel: 703-706-5681
Email: cwiley@humrro.org
Co-chair Leigh M. Tolley
University of Louisiana at Lafayette      Lafayette, LA USA
Tel: 337-482-1475                                        Email: ltolley@louisiana.edu
Program Chair Kate LaVelle
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA
Tel: 909-753-7775
Email: Kateblavelle@gmail.com
Program Co-chair George Chitiyo
Tennessee Tech University
Cookville, TN USA
Tel: 931-372-3676
Email: GChitiyo@tntech.edu

Program Design

Chair Asaad Mohamedtaha
Sustainable System Strengthening Framework, LLC
Newnam, GA USA
Tel: 404-388-3456
Email: asaadezeldin@gmail.com
Co-Chair Dishan Mubende
Acmirs Partners
Tel: +256 772580542  Email: dishan.mubende@acmirspartners.com
Program Chair Jacqueline Singh 
Qualitative Advantage, LLC
Indianapolis, IN USA 
Tel: 317-598-9362
Email: jacquelinesingh59@gmail.com
Program Co-Chair Catherine Nameth 
Los Angeles, CA USA

Email: nameth@ucla.edu

Program Theory and Theory-Driven Evaluation Chair   Charles Gasper
TCC Group
St. Louis, MO USA
Tel: 314-324-8188
Email: charles.gasper@att.net

Program Chair Jennifer Himmelstein 
Washington, DC USA
 Tel: 240-543-9894       Email: jhimmel1@gmail.com
Qualitative Methods Chair Janet Usinger
University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV USA
Tel: 775-682-9083
Email: usingerj@unr.edu
Co-chair Rachael Lawrence
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA
Tel: 775-682-9083
Email: rblawren@educ.umass.edu
Program Chair Hannah Betesh
Social Policy Research Associates
Oakland, CA USA
Tel: 510-788-2469
Email: Hannah_Betesh@spra.com
Program Co-chair Catherine Darrow
ABT Associates
Cambridge, MA USA
Tel: 510-788-2469
Email: Catherine_Darrow@abtassoc.com
Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design Chair Vajeera Dorabawila 
New York State Office of Children & Family 
Albany, NY USA 
Tel: 617-520-3034
Email: vajeera.dorabawila@ocfs.ny.gov
Co-chair Guili Zhang
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC USA 
Tel: 252-328-4260
Program Chair Karen H. Larwin
Youngstown State University 
Salem, OH USA
Tel: 330-509-5266
Program Co-Chair Melinda Davis 
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ USA

Tel: 520-626-7820 Email: mfd@email.arizona.edu

Research on Evaluation

Chair Xiaoxia Newton 
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC USA
Email: xnewton@uncc.edu
Co-chair Michael Harnar
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 269-387-5903
Email: Michael.Harnar@wmich.edu
Program Chair Kathleen Doll
Claremont Graduate University
Irvine, CA USA 
Email: Kathleen.Doll@cgu.edu 
Program Co-chair Dana Linnell Wanzer
Claremont Graduate University
Irvine, CA USA 
Email: dana@danawanzer.com 
Research, Technology & Development Evaluation Chair Robin M. Wagner
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-498-2491
Email: riw8@cdc.gov
Co-chair Joshua Schnell
Thomas Reuters
Rockville, MD USA
Tel: 301-545-4174
Email: Joshua.schnell@tr.com
Program Chair Gavin Reddick
Cambridge, UK
Tel: 434-260-1803
Email: Gavinuva@gmail.com
Program Co-chair Alexandra Stone
Ripple Effect
Rockville, MD USA
Email: AStone@rippleeffect.com

Social Impact Measurement

Chair Alyna Wyatt
Genesis Analytics Johannesburg, South Africa
Email: alynaw@genesis-analytics.com 
Program Chair Leah G. Moses
The Improve Group
St. Paul, MN USA

Tel: 651-315-8916
Email: leah@theimprovegroup.com

Social Network Analysis Chair Abhik Roy
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV USA
Tel: 304-293-8942
Email: abhik.roy@mail.wvu.edu
Co-chair Anil Kumar Chaudhary
Penn State University 
Amherst, MA USA 
Tel: 814-863-7850
Email: auk259@psu.edu
Program Chair Gregory Phillips II 
Northwestern University 
State College, PA USA
Tel: 312-503-3447
Email: glp2@northwestern.edu
Program Co-chair Bruce Haupt
Lexington, KY USA
Email: bruce.haupt@uky.edu
Social Work Chair Mansoor A. F. Kazi
Fredonia State University of New York
Fredonia, NY USA
Tel: 716-417-0419
Email: kazim@fredonia.edu
Co-chair Yeongbin Kim
Fredonia State University of New York
Fredonia, NY USA
Tel: 518-779-8094
Email: ykim9@albany.edu
Program Chair Tamarah Moss
Howard University- School of Social Work
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 301-379-9153
Email: Tmoss@howard.edu
Program Co-Chair Ouen Hunter
Western Michigan State University
Kalamazoo, MI USA
Tel: 616-558-6118
Email: HunterO@gmail.gvsu.edu

STEM Education and Training

Chair Ann Martin
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Oak Ridge, TN USA
Tel: 607-205-8312
Email: ann.martin@orau.org
Co-chair Karen Peterman
Karen Peterman Consulting
Durham, NC USA
Email: Karenpetermanphd@gmail.com
Program Chair Kathy Kaynie
Haynie Research and Evaluation Skillman, NJ USA 
Tel: 609-273-8173
Email: kchaynie@alumni.stanford.edu
Program Co-Chair

Cherie Avent
University of North Carolina at Greensboro                            Greensboro, NC USA

Email: cmavent@uncg.edu
Systems in Evaluation Chair Marah Moore
i2i Institute
Ranchos de Taos, NM USA
Tel: 575-758-7513
Email: marah@i2i-institute.com
Co-Chair Emily Gates
Boston College
Boston, MA USA
Email: emily.gates@bc.edu
Program Chair Pablo Vidueira
International Evaluation Consultant
Madrid, Spain
Tel: +0034-699221790
Email: pablovidueira@gmail.com
Program Co-chair Jeenen Garcia  Email: JGarcia2@TheGEF.org
Teaching of Evaluation Chair Gary Skolits 
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN USA
Tel: 865-437-7079
Email: gskolits@utk.edu
Co-Chair John LaValle, PhD
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA 
Tel: 612-626-9252
Email: jlavelle@umn.edu
Program        Chair Tiffany Smith, PhD
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Greensboro, NC USA
Tel: 336-334-5000
Email: Tiffany.Smith@uncg.edu
Program          Co-Chair  Aileen Reid, PhD
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Greensboro, NC USA
Tel: 336-334-5000
Email: Amreid3@uncg.edu

Theories of Evaluation

Chair Randy Davies
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT USA
Tel: 801-422-5229
Email: randy.davies@byu.edu
Program Chair Natalie De Sole 
Rooted-Growth LLC
Denver, CO USA
Tel: 720-372-6116
Email: natalie@rooted-growth.org
Program Co-Chair

Alisa Balestra                          HPW Associates, LLC                    Pittsburgh, PA USA

Tel: 412-731-6200
Email: abalestra@hpwassoc.com

Translational Research Evaluation

Chair Eric Nehl
Emory University Rollins School of Public Health
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-727-9445
Email: enehl@emory.edu
Program Chair Nicole M. Kuiper
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 770-488-5719
Email: nik4@cdc.gov
University-Based Centers Chair Samuel Robison
Social Research and Evaluation Center
Lafayette, LA USA
Tel: 225-578-6293
Email: srobis2@lsu.edu
Co-Chair Sarah Mason
Center for Research Evaluation
Oxford, MS USA
Tel: 662-915-3094
Email: masonsk@olemiss.edu
Program Chair Eden Kyse
Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services
Montclair, NJ USA
Tel: 973-655-7045
Email: kysee@montclair.edu
Program Co-Chair Joey Rutherford
Center for Research Evaluation
Oxford, MS USA
Tel: 662-915-7021
Email: glruther@olemiss.edu
Use and Influence of Evaluation Chair Edith Cook                                  Seton Hill University
Greensburg, PA, USA
Tel: 724-830-1014
Email: ecook@setonhill.edu
Program Chair Nora Douglas
CNM Connect                              Dallas, TX USA
Tel: 214-557-3584
Email: noraedouglas@gmail.com
Youth Focused Evaluation Chair Christy Olenik 
Making Cents International
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 410-371-0706
Email: Christy@makingcents.com
Co- Chair Ross VeLure Roholt
University of Minnesota
St Paul, MN USA 
Tel: 612-624-8785
Email: rossvr@umn.edu
Program Chair Mónica Ruiz-Casares  
McGill University
Montréal, QC Canada
Tel: 514-273-3800 x6579
Email: monica.ruizcasares@mcgill.ca
Program Co-Chair Julie Poncelet
Action Evaluation Collaborative
New York, NY USA 

 Tel: 510-502-3026
Email: julie.poncelet@gmail.com