Local Affiliates

Organizations are listed in alphabetical order. Please contact the AEA web content manager at info@eval.org with any changes or updates.

Local Affiliate Collaborative (LAC)

The Local Affiliate Collaborative meets regularly to share information and discuss issues of interest to AEA Affiliates. The mission of the Local Affiliates Collaborative is to support, sustain, and strengthen local AEA affiliates by fostering joint and coordinated action among and between affiliates and the AEA to:

    • share information and resources
    • promote professional development and leadership, and
    • mentor and coach affiliates

All Affiliates are welcome to participate in these monthly calls and/or the Steering Committee. To learn more and participate in the AEA Local Affiliate Collaborative, contact LAC representatives Leah Neubauer and Allison Titcomb.

Affiliate Organization Name and Address of AEA Contact Tel/Fax/Email/Web
Alaska Evaluation Network (AKEN) Corrie Whitmore
Southcentral Foundation
Anchorage, AK USA
Tel: 907-729-5101
Email: cwhitmore@scf.cc
Website: http://www.alaskaeval.org
Arizona Evaluation Network (AZENet) Jenny McCullough Cosgrove
Noesis Consulting, LLC
Phoenix, AZ USA
Tel: 520-907-9029
Email: azenet.president@gmail.com
Website: http://azenet.wildapricot.org/
Arkansas Group of Evaluators (AGES) Linda F Delaney
LFD Consulting LLC
Cordova, TN USA
Tel: 870-225-1103
Email: linda2inspireu@gmail.com
Atlanta-Area Evaluation Association (AaEA) Krista Collins 
Boys and Girls Club of America
Atlanta, GA USA
Tel: 404-922-0079
Email: president@atl-eval.org
Website: https://atl-eval.wildapricot.org/
Baltimore Area Evaluators (BAE) Jill Scheibler, Ph.D.
Carson Research
Baltimore, MD USA
Tel: 410-793-4127
Email: jill@carsonresearch.com
Website: http://www.baltimoreareaevaluators.org
Caribbean Association of Research and Evaluation Inc Nicole Ortiz
Center for Evaluation and Sociomedical Research-Division of Community Services
Carolina, PR USA
Tel: 787-342-6793
Email: acei.pr@gmail.com
Chicagoland Evaluation Association (CEA) Asma Ali
American Society for Clinical Pathology
Chicago, IL USA
Tel: 312-399-8881
Email: asma.ali1@gmail.com
Website: http://www.evalchicago.com
Colorado Evaluation Network (COEN) Elena Harman
Vantage Evaluation
Denver, CO USA

Tel: 720-217-7763
Email: eharman@vantage-eval.com

Connecticut Area Program Evaluators Network (CAPE.NET) Teresa E Boyd Cowles
Connecticut State University
Hartford, CT USA
Tel: 860-493-0074
Email: boydt@ct.edu
Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS) Tom Archibald
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA USA
Tel: 540-231-6192
Email: tgarch@vt.edu
Website: http://www.eers.org
Evaluation Network for the Missouri River Basin (EN4MRB) Benjamin Baumfalk
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE USA
Tel: 402-730-3681
Email: ben.baumfalk@gmail.com
Website: http://en4mrb.wildapricot.org/
Evaluation Association of Saint Louis (MO) Matt Feldmann
Goshen Education Consulting, Inc. 
St. Louis, MO USA

Tel: 618-751-2807
Email: gosheneducation@gmail.com
Website: https://easl.wildapricot.org/

Greater Boston Evaluation Network Matan BenYishay
Boston, MA USA 
Tel: 857-313-6778
Email: greaterbostoneval@gmail.com
Hawaii Pacific Evaluation Association (H-PEA) Jack Barile
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Honolulu, HI USA
Tel: 808-956-6271
Email: barile@hawaii.edu
Website: http://h-pea.org/
Indiana Evaluation Association (IEA) Jennifer Bellville
Diehl Consulting Group
Indianapolis, IN USA
Tel: 847-606-6208
Email: jennifer.bellville@gmail.com
website: http://www.indianaevaluation.org

Maine Evaluation Society


Michelle Mitchell
Partnerships for Health
Augusta, Maine

Tel: 207-620-1113
Email: michelle.mitchell@partnershipsforhealth.org
Michigan Association for Evaluation (MAE) Miles McNall 
Michigan State University 
East Lansing, MI USA
Tel: 517-432-0475
Email: mcnall@msu.edu
website: www.maeeval.org
iMilwaukeeEvaluation! Nicole Robinson
UWM Doctoral Student
Milwaukee, WI USA
Tel: 414-232-9687
Email: nnr@uwm.edu
Website: http://evaluation.wildapricot.org
Minnesota Evaluation Association (MN EA)

Melissa Chapman Haynes
Professional Data Analysts
Minneapolis, MN USA

Tel: 612-623-9110
Email: info@mneval.org
Website: http://www.mneval.org
New Mexico Evaluators (NMEval) Scott D. Hughes, PhD
Cradle to Career Policy Institute 
Albuquerque, NM USA
Tel: 505-277-2344
Email: scottd.hughes.nm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.nmeval.org
New York Consortium of Evaluators (NYCE) Joseph Luesse
Harlem RBI/DREAM Charter School
New York, NY USA

Tel: 212-722-1608
Email: joe@8res.org
Website: http://www.nyceval.org

Northeastern Regional Evaluation Association (NREA) Kathleen Toms
Research Works Inc
New Paltz, NY USA
Tel: 877-766-1370
Email: ktoms@researchworks.org
Northern California Evaluation Network Shannon A. Williams, Ph.D.
Institute for Social Research
Sacramento, CA USA
Tel: 916-278-2689
Email: shannon.a.williams@csus.edu
Ohio Program Evaluators' Group (OPEG) Lana J. Rucks
The Rucks Group, LLC
Dayton, OH USA
Tel: 937-242-7024
Email: lrucks@therucksgroup.com
Website: http://www.opeg.org
Oregon Program Evaluators Network (OPEN) Kim Handloser
Beaverton, OR USA
Tel: 541-601-0865
Email: info@oregoneval.org
Website: http://www.oregoneval.org
Research Triangle Park (NC) Evaluators Jessica Sperling
Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) Duke University
Durham, NC USA
Tel: 917-797-4678
Email: jessica.sperling@duke.edu

San Francisco Bay Area Evaluators and Applied Researchers

Susana M. Morales
Leap Solutions Group
Oakland, CA USA
Tel: 510-502-3026
Email: susana@leapsolutions.com 
Web site: http://www.leapsolutions.com

Seattle Evaluation Association

Lisa Zook
InformEd International
Seattle, WA USA
Email: lisazook@informedinternational.org
Web site: evalseattle.org
Southeast Evaluation Association (SEA) Linda Schrader
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fl USA
Tel: 850-644-8780
Email: Lschrader@fsu.edu
Website: http://www.southeastevaluation.org
Southern California Evaluation Association (SCEA) Anne Vo
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Los Angeles, CA USA
Tel: 323-442-0311
Email: annevo@usc.edu
Texas Evaluation Network (TEN) Jessica Pugil
The Working Partner
Houston, TX USA
Email: TexasEvalNetwork@gmail.com
Vermont Evaluation Network (VEN) Jody Kamon 
Burlington, VT USA
Email: jody@c4bhi.com
Washington (DC) Evaluators (WE) Giovanni Dazzo
U.S. State Department 
Washington, DC USA
Tel: 202-320-9342
Email:  giovanni.dazzo@gmail.com
Website: http://washingtonevaluators.org/