In 2001 and 2002 the AEA Task Force on High Stakes Testing worked to develop an AEA position statement on High Stakes Testing as well as to identify research reports and resources for evaluators to use to inform themselves about this topic. Below, please find the products from this task force: 

Annotated Bibliography: Extensive topically organized annotated listing of high stakes testing references

High Stakes Testing Statements: Links to statements from a range of Organizations/Associations

General Links: Sites that have high stakes testing as a part of their focus and reports on high stakes testing

Grassroots Groups: Each organization focuses efforts on responding to High Stakes Testing

Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography begins an ongoing effort to develop a resource for those interested in research on high stakes testing in K-12 schools. The bibliography is a work in progress, is not exhaustive, focuses primarily on empirical research, includes mostly references in the past decade, and includes multiple perspectives on the issues.

The bibliographic entries have been organized into five broad categories so that you can access entries within each or access the complete bibliography. Click on one of the following options to access the bibliographic entries.

complete bibliography
student achievement/special populations
historical/political/legal contexts
teachers and teaching
curriculum and instruction
test development and administration

Feedback or suggestions for other entries (please send complete citation) for this bibliography should be sent to Sandra Mathison

Note: A number of people have contributed substantially to the preparation of this bibliography. They include Sandra Mathison, University of Louisville; Melissa Freeman, Kristen Wilcox, Lynee Sauer, University at Albany, SUNY.  Preparation of this publication was supported under Grant # ESI-9911868 from the National Science Foundation.  The contents do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of NSF.

High Stakes Testing Statements

General Links

Grassroots Groups