AEA 2007/2008 Internal Scan

The American Evaluation Association undertook an internal scan to learn more about its membership during the period September 2007 to January 2008. AEA contracted with Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG) to complete the scan and data collection. GRG surveyed the full membership, conducted follow-up interviews and online Q&A groups, and compiled and analyzed the results. The results from this scan are being used to guide strategic and operational decision making throughout the association.

We are now working to disseminate the results from that scan in a number of ways. At present, the following content is available:

* This file is over 3mb in size and 801 pages in length - consider your connection speed when downloading

Instruments from the scan include:

Presentations from the scan include:

*The open-ended question that started the scan survey read "Imagine you are out to dinner with other AEA members, and each member is describing his or her professional identity. It's your turn; what would you say?" The 150 pages of qualitative data generated from this question were analyzed and presented in an innovative session that used a restaurant metaphor throughout. These materials are from that session.

Only reports of analyses conducted on surveys, interviews and the online question and answer groups are available to members and those interested in the results of the Internal Scan. In order to protect the confidentiality of respondents and abide by the terms articulated in the information given to respondents, no data collected as part of the Internal Scan, raw or cleaned, are available for download. The reports shared on this website include an extensive set of analyses; suggestions for other analyses of the Internal Scan data may be sent to the AEA office at

We will use the AEA newsletter to share a range of findings drawn from the above reports as well as to keep the members informed about the related sessions at the conference and next steps based on the scan’s findings.

If you have any questions about the scan, please do not hesitate to contact the AEA office at

Leslie Goodyear
Internal Scan Task Force Chair
Susan Kistler
AEA Executive Director
Colleen Manning
GRG Project Lead