Evaluation In Federal Agencies: What Shapes It, and How Could The Amercian Evaluation Association Be Part Of The "What"?

Second Annual AEA Public Issues Forum
Thursday, November 9, 2007


This page contains information and resources related to the November 2007 AEA Public Issues Forum sponsored by the American Evaluation Association at Evaluation 2007: Evaluation and Learning, held November 9, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


The 2007 Public Issues Forum explores how state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in evaluation can be more effectively linked to the formulation of evaluation policy at the federal level. Panelists from three federal agencies – the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Justice, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – address three major questions: (1) How is evaluation policy established in their agency? (2) What types of evaluation-related input would their agency welcome from a professional organization such as the American Evaluation Association? (3) What are the means through which AEA could provide such input? Against this background, panelists also discuss the following: To what extent will the 2008 Presidential election and its aftermath present opportunities for the professional evaluation community to play a greater role in the formulation of evaluation policy? What factors are likely to facilitate or hinder this influence? When a professional organization endeavors to elevate its public profile at the federal level, what cautionary tales should it be mindful of?

Panel participants

  • Michael Morris (moderator), University of New Haven
  • George Grob, Center for Public Program Evaluation
  • Thomas Chapel, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Patrick Clark, National Institute of Justice
  • Bernice Anderson, National Science Foundation
  • Debra Rog (discussant), Westat

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Program contents (note that these are components of the full text and audio proceedings for the session available under 'free downloads'):

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Further resources:

Website of the AEA Evaluation Policy Task Force

New Directions for Evaluation
“Informing Federal Policies on Evaluation Methodology: Building the Evidence Base for Method Choice in Government Sponsored Evaluation” (edited by George Julnes and Debra Rog); April 2007 (Issue 113)
(Available On-line to AEA Members after Logging in to the AEA Website) 

New Directions for Evaluation
“Promoting the Use of Government Evaluations in Policymaking” (edited by Rakesh Mohan and Kathleen Sullivan); March 2007 (Issue 112)
(Available On-line to AEA Members after Logging in to the AEA Website)

The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993

The Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Website

The President's Executive Order on Improving Government Performance

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