AEA TIG Mailing Instructions

AEA will be happy to provide your TIG with a current list of your members and their email addresses upon request, following the instructions below. This is a great resource to connect with your membership during the course of the year. You may want to consider sending correspondence to your members when the AEA Call for Proposals goes out mid January, to encourage them to submit proposals and offer related suggestions and support. You may want to send out newsletters periodically that include current updates and news about your TIG. Prior to the conference, you may want to invite your members to any scheduled events/meetings and encourage participation. We just ask that you please do NOT send requests the week before the conference due to the time constraints in the office as we do our final preparations.  

We ask that the entire leadership approve any correspondence before the final request is sent to the AEA office. Not only should all the leaders be aware when mailings are being sent, they might have ideas or contributions they want to make as well. Please plan your mailings ahead, considering specific deadline dates. Each mailing must be unique and we ask that you do not send multiple communications related to the same topic.

Before we can release a TIG mailing list, we need to see a copy of what will be emailed to the TIG. Why?

  • We want to have a copy of all mailings in the office so that we may answer questions from members regarding your TIG if needed.
  • We want to be sure that the mailings comply with anti-spam guidelines.
  • We will serve as an extra set of eyes to check on dates, locations, etc. as much as possible.
  • By asking for you to have completed authoring of your letter, we are increasing the likelihood that you will use the mailing list promptly and thus ensure its accuracy.

Due to anti-spam legislation and AEA policy all emails must include the following....

1. At the top, begin with an explicit statement as to who the recipient group is, such as, "Dear (your TIGs name) TIG members"

2. A signature line that includes the position of the person or persons sending the email in relation to AEA/the TIG. For instance, "John Smith, XXX TIG Program Chair." This will make it clear as to why you have access to the email address of the recipient.

3. At the bottom, as part of the signature lines or in a separate section, a full postal mailing address for at least one of the senders. (Please note, all of your TIGs leaders do not have to be listed)

4. At the very bottom, an opt out message as follows: "You are receiving this email because you are a member of the XXX TIG ( enter your TIGs name). If you would like to be removed from this TIG’s mailing list, please email Zachary Grays in the AEA office at zgrays@eval.org.”

Once we receive and review your draft, I will send the list of your TIG’s members in an excel spreadsheet. This list must be used within two weeks to ensure accuracy. When you send, if you are using an email client with a bcc (blind carbon copy) field, please cut and copy the addresses into the BCC field. This is "extremely" important to ensure that the addresses cannot be viewed by the other recipients and so that one person cannot ‘reply to all’ and end up accidentally writing to the full group (something that makes members very annoyed!). We appreciate your time and effort and the outreach you make to your members. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, we are always here to help!     

Mailing List Use:

* When you send, you must either use a mailing program that sends emails individually to each person OR cut and copy the addresses into the "Bcc" field. This is extremely important to ensure that the addresses cannot be viewed by the other recipients.
* Mailing lists may be used only ONCE and only to send the specific mailing provided to the AEA office. If you wish to receive a new mailing list, please request one using the same format.
* Mailing lists MUST be used within two weeks of receipt.
* Addresses on the list may not be added to any other permanent mailing list.
* AEA affiliate mailing lists may not be provided to any third party vendor.
* AEA affiliate mailing lists may be used only for official affiliate business and should not be used for advertising purposes other than to promote the affiliate's own events, programs, or services.

Once we receive your draft and it is approved, we will send you the list of AEA members, for the states you requested, in an excel spreadsheet. Please do not hesitate to contact AEA HQ if you have any questions. we are always here to help!