AEA Affiliate Mailing List Instructions

As an AEA affiliate you can obtain a mailing list of AEA members in your region. This is a great resource to connect with our membership regarding your organizations news and updates. All correspondence using AEA mailing lists must be reviewed and approved by the AEA office first, therefore a draft needs to be emailed to zgrays@eval.org before a mailing list may be sent. 

Mailing List Approval: 

* For the Affiliate: The mailing must be approved by either the affiliate President or the affiliate's AEA liaison. If someone other than the President or AEA liaison will be sending the mailing, we need to receive an email note from the President or liaison indicating that the mailing is approved.

* For AEA: The mailing must be approved by AEA staff. We are looking for adherence to the information on this page. 

Mailing List Drafting to Comply with Anti-Spam Guidelines:

1. At the top, a line noting: "Dear AEA members in _____________________________ (MUST indicate States)," 

2. The body of the correspondence you are sending to the AEA members. 

3. At the end of the correspondence, a complete signature line, including the contact information and full mailing address of the sender(s).

4. At the very bottom, an "opt out option" as follows.... "You are receiving this email because you are a member of The American Evaluation Association residing in the region for this affiliate. If you would like to be removed from this AEA Affiliate's mailing list, please email Zachary Grays in the AEA office at zgrays@eval.org".

Mailing List Use:

* When you send, you must either use a mailing program that sends emails individually to each person OR cut and copy the addresses into the "Bcc" field. This is extremely important to ensure that the addresses cannot be viewed by the other recipients.
* Mailing lists may be used only ONCE and only to send the specific mailing provided to the AEA office. If you wish to receive a new mailing list, please request one using the same format. 
* Mailing lists MUST be used within two weeks of receipt. 
* Addresses on the list may not be added to any other permanent mailing list. 
* AEA affiliate mailing lists may not be provided to any third party vendor.
* AEA affiliate mailing lists may be used only for official affiliate business and should not be used for advertising purposes other than to promote the affiliate's own events, programs, or services. 

Once we receive your draft and it is approved, we will send you the list of AEA members, for the states you requested, in an excel spreadsheet. Please do not hesitate to contact AEA HQ if you have any questions. We are always here to help!