What’s Your Six Word Story?

The Evaluation 2014 conference theme is: Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future. AEA President Beverly Parsons invites you to write and share six-word stories about what this theme means to you. That’s right – six words! Here's Veronica Thomas' story: 

Thomas I.jpg

Ready to tell your story? Write your story about what the above conference theme means to you on a white sheet of paper using only 6 words. Next, take a picture or video of yourself and your story and send it to sixwordstory@eval.org. Your stories will make their debut at Evaluation 2014 in a video production to orchestrate what this year’s theme means to evaluators. Try tying your six-word story to one of AEA's great resources - the AEA Cultural Competency statement!

Why a six-word story? Legend has it that Hemingway’s fellow writers once bet him that he could not write an entire story in six words. In true Hemingway form, he promptly wrote, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn” and won the bet.