2017 EERS Eleanor Chelmisky Forum

EERS, an affiliate of AEA, launched the Eleanor Chelimsky Forum in 2013 during its annual conference in honor of Eleanor Chelimsky, one of the most insightful, influential and respected program evaluators of our era, and the former director of the Program Evaluation and Methodology Division of the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the forum is aimed at discussing challenges in the fit between theory and practice, with attention to strategies for tackling these challenges.

This is the fifth in a series on the relationship of evaluation theory and practice. This presentation steps back from evaluation theories to focus on the evaluator’s workaday world. This presentation will:

  • Examine evaluators’ interactions with their clients on how to get evaluation results used in the here and now of policy making, how to protect evaluator independence, and recognizing threats to it but also its value to clients;
  • Look at things through the eyes of clients, trying to understand their values and concepts of proof, and more generally what they are looking for from evaluators;
  • Discuss the modern world of electronic reports and the possibility of both widespread and targeted dissemination of evaluation results;
  • Finally, offer some suggestions about evaluators’ continuing professional development throughout their careers.

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