AEA International Connections

International members make up 18% of AEA’s current membership and represent over 60 countries. Below you will find a variety of links and resources that will help you keep current on AEA's international initiatives and navigate the international evaluation community. 

  • International Policy Update: Almost 20% of AEA members live outside the United States, and many others work overseas, so what's happening in evaluation on a global scale is vitally important. Our USA-focused members not only have much to contribute to the rest of the world, but can also often learn valuable lessons from the good practices of colleagues in other countries. This monthly column brings the world to AEA and brings AEA to the world. This column gives you the most up-to-date developments, events, and issues that are unfolding on the global evaluation stage. 

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  • AEA's International StrategyAEA has developed a strategy for engaging and creating collaborative knowledge sharing opportunities between AEA members and evaluation organizations and evaluators around the world.
    • Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPE)VOPE is a term that is inclusive of many kinds of groups involved in advancing evaluation as a profession, with membership open to any interested persons. These include formally organized associations or societies, as well as informal networks and communities of practice.  VOPEs can function at international, regional, national and sub-national levels, and bring together evaluation practitioners and commissioners from various fields – including government, academia, non-governmental organizations as well as individuals. There are currently over 170 VOPEs across the globe recognized by IOCE, including 128 national VOPEs in 110 countries, with total memberships of almost 52,000.  They can be viewed via the link above (courtesy of IOCE, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation).
    • International BlogsThe International Working Group of AEA has compiled this list of international blogs that you might find interesting and valuable. While we may not be able to identify and include all international evaluation blogs, we have assembled these in order to offer a cross section of what’s available. Feel free to explore other international evaluation blogs to inform your practice. If you would like to suggest an additional blog, please email info@eval.orgThe information presented on these blogs are not necessarily the opinion of or endorsed by AEA. This compilation is presented for your information only. 
    • International Landscape GraphicThe International Working Group of AEA has developed a graphic showing the variety of actors who promote and conduct evaluations in the international community.