AEA Volunteer Opportunities

Members are the lifeblood of the AEA organization. AEA values member input and engagement, relying upon their guidance and knowledge about the field in the development of programs for our membership. AEA also values diversity when building its Working Group volunteer base to better serve and represent this unique, global community of evaluators who proudly consider AEA their professional association.           

According to the Member Engagement Principles listed in the AEA Policy Manual, the conduct of membership engagement activities of the association shall:

A. Contribute to the fulfillment of AEA’s governance and operations while concurrently building member capacity and leadership;

B. Democratically draw on—and contribute to—valuing diverse experiences, talents, and ways of knowing, as well as diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds;

C. Contribute to trust, respect, ownership, responsibility, and timeliness of interaction within AEA; and

D. Draw on both individual and collective voices.

Volunteering on a Working Group requires a commitment to AEA and the assigned program/project. The work product of each Working Group is outlined in individual Charge Documents that also address deadline expectations. Meeting scheduling and frequency for each  Working Group are established through consultation between the Working Group members and AEA.

To volunteer for a Working Group, please complete the contact form here. While you may submit an application for most Working Groups, those with a membership status that indicate 'Open' are actively seeking members on a rolling basis and will receive top priority in placement. Volunteer Now

Abstract Reviewers

Charge: To assist TIG leaders in reviewing abstracts submitted for consideration for the Evaluation 2019 conference.

To volunteer to participate as an abstract reviewer for Evaluation 2019, contact the leadership of the TIG with which you wish to review. TIG leadership contact information may be found here.


Members: Stuart Henderson, Sheila Robinson, Sharon Rallis

Competencies Task Force

Charge: To develop a set of evaluator competencies for the AEA,

Members: Jean King, Sandra Ayoo, Eric Barela, Gail Barrington, Dale Berger, Nicole Galport, Michelle Gensinger, John LaVelle, Robin Miller, Donna Podems, Anna Rodell, Laurie Stevahn, Hazel Symonette, Susan Tucker, Elizabeth Wilcox

Conference Advisory Working Group

Charge: To assist management in reviewing possible changes to conference structure and evaluating potential innovations. 

Members: David Bernstein, Nnenia Campbell, Shannon Campbell, Nicole Clark, Leah Moses, Nicole Vicinanza, Dana Wanzer

AEA Public Statement on Cultural Competence in Evaluation Dissemination Working Group

Charge: To assist management in planning for dissemination and use of the Cultural Competency Statement. 

Members: Cindy Crusto, Derrick Gervin, Rupu Gupta, Jori Hall, Jenny Jones, Tamara Bertrand Jones, Dominica McBride, Leah Neubauer, Osman Ozturgut, Katherine Tibbetts, Cynthia Wright, Kari Greene, Rupu Gupta

Elections Working Group

Charge: To create a slate of potential candidates for the AEA annual elections.

Members: Crystal Coker, Krystal Tomlin, Valerie Caracelli, Mark Parman, Anne Vo

Evaluation Policy Task Force

Members: Nick Hart (Chair), Katrina Bledsoe, Katherine Dawes, George Julnes, Mel Mark, Kathryn Newcomer, Stephanie Shipman, Thomas Chapel, Diana Epstein, Demetra Nightingale, Lisa Aponte-Soto, Biance Montrosse-Morehead, Anisha Lewis (AEA Executive Director), Laura DeMaria (AEA Senior Manager)                                                                                                       

Guiding Principles Task Force

Charge: To assist in the review of the Guiding Principles.

Members: Beverly Parsons (Chair), Lori Bakken, Eric Barela, Tom Kelly, Mike Morris, Kathy Tibbets, Lisa Aponte-Soto, Valerie Williams

International Working Group

Charge: To assist management with the development of international outreach and AEA’s international presence/programs.

Members: Nicky Bowman, Cynthia Clapp-Wincek, George Julnes, Hubert PaulmerDonna Podems, Jim Rugh, Mary Sue Smiaroski, Catherine Harbour, Donna Mertens, Tom Schwandt, Svetlana Negroustoueva, Cheryl Oros, Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead, Tessie Catsambas, Scott Chaplowe, Heather Britt

Local Arrangement Working Group (Conference)

Charge: To assist management with the coordination of conference outreach and logistics in the conference host city.

Members: Lana Rucks, Clara Pelfrey, Thomas Williams

Membership Working Group

Charge: To assist management in the development of the Membership Development Plan.

Membership Survey Working Group

Charge: To create a membership feedback survey instrument, collect and analyze the data, and create a final report for management.

Members: Janelle Clay (co-chair), Miriam Jacobson (co-chair), Herb Baum, Traci Dixon, Keith Sturgess, Michelle Roth, Abhik Roy, Teresa Wanser-Ernst

Nominations Working Group

Charge: To recruit member applicants for submission to the Elections Working Group to support them in creating an annual election slate.

Members: Brandon Coffee-Borden, Maurice Samuels

Professional Development Working Group

Charge: To provide suggestions and input to management on the professional development offerings through AEA including eStudies, Coffee Breaks, and PD Workshops at the annual conference.

Members: Sheila Robinson (Chair), Ann Emery, Norma Fleischman, Srik Gopalakrishnan, Leslie Goodyear, Pat Jessup, Laura Lawson, Lisa Richardson, Patrina Twiley.

P2i Advisory Group 

Charge: To develop presentation training tools to enhance presentation skills of AEA presenters/members.

Research Mailing List Request Working Group

Charge: To assist management in considering the requests for AEA member lists for research purposes.

Members: Anne Vo, Tarek Azzam, Leslie Fierro

Summer Institute Working Group

Charge: To assist management with the creation of the content/speakers for the annual Summer Institute program.

Members: Veronica Olazabal, Susan Wolfe, Kristianna Pettibone,Thomas Chapel, Mindelyn Anderson, Maureen Wilce, Daniel Kidder