Summer Evaluation Institute 2015


Summer Evaluation Institute Keynote Speakers  

Presenting Data Effectively

Offered: Monday, June 1 from 8:15am – 9:00am

Designing charts and graphs is about more than making things look pretty. Ultimately, we report and present our information to teach our audience, to get our content firmly planted in their knowledge base, to help them act and make decisions. Unthoughtful data visualization costs audience time, money, and patience. It foreshortens the conversation. Intentional data visualization clears the way for thought leadership and intellectual discussion. This keynote talk will tell the stories of data visualization shifting organizational culture. Effective data presentation changes the conversation.

Stephanie Evergreen

Stephanie Evergreen 
Evergreen Data 

Stephanie Evergreen runs Evergreen Data, a data presentations consulting firm, and is the eLearning Initiatives Director for the American Evaluation Association (AEA). Her dissertation focused on the extent of cognition-based graphic design in evaluation reports. Evergreen is the founder and past chair of AEA’s Data Visualization and Reporting Topical Interest Group. She publishes a well-read blog at and her book Presenting Data Effectively was published by Sage in Fall 2013.


Public Service Communications Campaigns Today

Offered: Tuesday, June 2 from 8:15am – 9:00am

In today’s fragmented and ever-changing media landscape, what is the potential for media-based behavior change campaigns to make a meaningful impact, be it for health, safety, environment, education, or community issues?  How can we measure it?  In this presentation, Tony Foleno, SVP for Research & Evaluation at the Ad Council, will provide a brief overview of ‘what works’ when it comes to planning and implementing national public service communications campaigns, with illustrative examples from recent campaigns.  Tony will also discuss the uses (and abuses) of digital and social media in advancing your campaign’s overall objectives. 

Tony Foleno 

Senior Vice President, Research, Planning & Evaluation
The Ad Council

As Senior Vice President for Research at the Ad Council, Tony advises the strategic planning of more than 40 public service communications campaigns. Tony also oversees campaign evaluation, establishing key performance indicators and the tools for measurement. Moreover, he leads cross-campaign analyses designed to optimize Ad Council initiatives. Tony’s primary role is to leverage research-based insights into action, helping to ensure that the Ad Council remains a results-driven organization with a single-minded focus on making a measurable impact in people’s lives. Tony co-chairs the Ad Council Research Committee, a pro-bono advisory body comprised of thought leaders in marketing, market research and academia. Prior to joining the Ad Council in 2002, Tony managed projects at Public Agenda, a nonpartisan public opinion research organization. He is a graduate of Swarthmore College and holds a M.A. in Sociology from Columbia University. Tony is a member of the Advertising Research Foundation and the Market Research Council, and serves on the steering committees for the Society for Health Communications as well as the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy and Research.