AEA Public Statements

AEA has made public statements in various forms related to the practice of evaluation. Links to each are gathered here for easy reference and further details may be found on each page. In a number of cases, development of the item also involved development of related materials and links are provided for those as well.

Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission Act of 2014: AEA responds to proposed legislation.

AEA Policies, Mission, Vision, and Values (2009 and ongoing): Building on the Mission, Vision, and Values of the association, AEA developed a set of policies that guide the association's operations and express its philosophy of governance. Portions of the policies are reviewed, refined, and expanded with each Board meeting.

Statement on Cultural Competence in Evaluation (2011): This statement of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) affirms the significance of cultural competence in evaluation. It also informs the public of AEA’s expectations concerning cultural competence in the conduct of evaluation. Related Materials

Evaluation Roadmap for a More Effective Government (2016): Developed as the cornerstone to AEA's work in the United States federal sector, the Roadmap as it is known details a plan for quality federal evaluation. Multiple letters and commentary have been drafted based on the Roadmap. Related Materials

    Educational Accountability Statement (2006): In 2006, as national policy furthered the states' trend toward test-driven judgments of educational quality, AEA issued a public statement on educational accountability and the bibliography developed during its production. Related Materials

    Guiding Principles for Evaluators (1994, revised 2004): The Guiding Principles establish guidance in five areas: Systematic Inquiry, Competence, Integrity/Honesty, Respect for People, and Responsibilities for the General and Public Welfare. In 2006-2007, a training package was developed that supplements the Guiding Principles. Related Materials

    Response to US Department of Education Notice of Proposed Priority on Scientifically Based Evaluation Methods (2003): Drafted in response to a notice in the Federal Register, the AEA response focused on encouraging use of a range of proven evaluation methods, beyond strictly experimental designs. Related Materials

    High Stakes Testing Statement (2002): In 2002, AEA issued a public statement on high-stakes testing, posted here with a bibliography and links to statements by other professional organizations, interested groups, and resources. Related Materials