Keynote Presentation  

Effective Evaluation Reporting: Making Your Key Messages Sticky

Tuesday, June 19
8:00 am – 9:00 am

The evaluation profession has wholeheartedly embraced newer and more innovative forms of reporting over the years such as infographics, two-pagers, slidedocs, and podcasts. But these briefer forms of communication require us to condense our extensive findings into much shorter content. Creating “sticky” key messages is critical for reducing the noise and ensuring that busy decision-makers are able to understand, recall, and act on our key findings when the time comes. Join me for an interactive keynote looking at what makes a message “sticky” and leave feeling inspired to try something new.

Kylie Hutchinson, BSc, CE, is an independent evaluator and trainer with Community Solutions Planning and Evaluation. She is the author of A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting, Survive and Thrive: Three Steps to Securing Your Program’s Sustainability, and an upcoming SAGE book on evaluation failures. Kylie’s passion is taking evaluation research and theory and translating it into practical resources and tips for evaluators on the ground.