American Evaluation Association Selects Anisha Lewis
as Executive Director

Anisha Lewis.jpg  The American Evaluation Association (AEA) has selected Anisha Lewis as Executive Director of the association, starting February 19. The search for the full-time Executive Director followed a collaborative process which included input on the specialized job description from seventeen AEA members on the Job Specifications Committee. This group met with President Leslie Goodyear in July to develop a list of additional experience and qualifications for the new, full-time Executive Director role. AEA members submitted their thoughts input through the AEAEDSearch@eval.org email inbox. The Selection Committee included three members of the Executive Committee, Leslie Goodyear, Kathy Newcomer and Susan Tucker, along with two at-large members, Karen Jackson and Rakesh Mohan. After a four-month search through internal and external activities, this group then interviewed three highly qualified candidates. AEA is grateful for their work, thoughtfulness, inspired input, and, that ultimately led to a fantastic decision. Click here to view the full release.