Professional Groups

AEA Local Affiliates: Local Affiliates are independent regionally-defined associations that are recognized by AEA as sharing a mission consonant with that of the Association. Use the link to view a list of all affiliates with current contact information and links to their websites, if applicable.

AEA Topical Interest Groups (TIGs): AEA has 40+ Topical Interest Groups (TIGs). TIGs are subgroups of Association members with common interests. Members may join up to five TIGs as part of their membership. Some TIGs manage their own websites. Use the link below to see a list of all TIGs with current leadership contact information and links to their websites, if applicable.

National/International Evaluation Associations: The field of evaluation is growing around the world. The International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) is an organization that provides support to, and encourages collaboration among, evaluation associations/societies. Please refer to the IOCE website for the most current listing of National and International Evaluation Associations.

Other Associations/Organizations: The following associations and organizations have been identified by one or members as sharing common interests with the American Evaluation Association and its membership.