Public Issues Forum

Now available! Audio and text transcript of November 2007: Evaluation in Federal Agencies

In the fall of 2006 the American Evaluation Association launched the Public Issues Forum as part of its annual conference in order to address timely and important issues in the field.

The Forum is an AEA panel designed to encourage constructive dialogue and engender awareness among leaders, policy-makers, and the general public on topics having implications for the role, image, and implementation of evaluation in public contexts.  Forums will encompass a diversity of views on the selected issue, striving to present nuanced and thoughtful perspectives that will bring about deeper understanding. The topic that a Forum addresses will be selected for its relevance and significance to the field of evaluation, for its immediacy, and for its location at the interface of evaluation and the public interest.

AEA will be supporting Public Issues Forums for a three-year trial period beginning in 2006. The AEA Public Affairs Committee is responsible for identifying an issue for the Forum, inviting participants, managing and moderating the forum, and disseminating its proceedings. Forums are tape recorded, transcribed and edited into a document posted to this website along with relevant resources and links.

Current archived Public Issues Forums are as follows:

November 2007: Evaluation in Federal Agencies: What Shapes It, and How Could the American Evaluation Association be Part of the "What"?

November 2006: Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART): What PARTs Help, and What PARTs Don't

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