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The Potent Presentations Initiative (p2i) is sponsored by the American Evaluation Association for the explicit purpose of helping evaluators improve their presentation skills, both at the annual conference and in individual evaluation practice. Potent Presenters think about three key components of compelling presentation: Message, Design, and Delivery.

Be sure to visit our p2i Presentation Tools & Guidelines page for free, downloadable checklists and worksheets, along with webinars and slides on Message, Design, and Delivery.

Check out the Poster Presentations page for additional guidance and tools for this particular presentation type.

Prepare Your Potent Presentation!

Are you getting ready to submit a proposal to present at a conference? Have you been hired by an organization to give a presentation? Or, do you have an upcoming presentation you need to make to your colleagues? Head on over to our Presentations Tools and Guidelines page to download the Presentation Preparation Checklist. It will guide you and your co-presenters along a well-paced schedule to a prepared and calm session. 

Get Ready for Evaluation 2020!

We’re excited for Evaluation 2020 in Portland, OR! Now is an excellent time to check out some of our great p2i tools and resources as you prepare your Potent Presentations in anticipation of those acceptance letters!


Ever leave a conference session and feel like you didn’t have a single takeaway point? This 45-minute Potent Presentations Initiative session trained conference presenters in developing an organized plan for conveying evaluation materials. We described the architecture of a great presentation, in terms of how to structure the unfolding of a presentation to make it an educational event for the audience.



What is good graphic design in evaluation reporting? Intention and good graphic design can support reader cognition, ultimately increasing the likelihood of evaluation use. To demonstrate the graphic design best practices, this session will feature real before-and-after evaluation reporting designs submitted by AEA members.



This Potent Presentations Initiative demonstration is on how to give goosebumps. You know - it’s that feeling you get when you realize you’ve been glued to the speaker since she opened her mouth and you’ve absorbed every moment of the talk. In this training session, we will discuss how to get and keep attention, how to engage an audience, and how to help them retain the content long after the presentation is over.




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