Below, please find responses to our most frequently asked questions about AEA's Topical Interest Groups. Don't see your question here? Please contact the AEA office at info@eval.org. We're ready with answers and may even add your question to the list!

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  • What is a Topical Interest Group?

    TIGs are subgroups of the association comprised of members with common interests. TIGs may be formed around methodologies such as Needs Assessment, around work contexts such as Government Evaluation, around salient concerns such as Feminist Issues, or around professional status such as Independent Consultants.

  • How many TIGs does AEA have?

    AEA has sixty Topical Interest Groups that span the breadth and depth of the field. A full list of the TIGs, and the current TIG leaders, may be found online here.

  • How may I find out about a particular TIG?

    To find out about a TIG, browse it's website or contact the TIG leaders directly. The list of TIGs and TIG leaders includes the relevant links and contact information.

  • What should I expect if I join a TIG?

    Some TIGs are very active, with vibrant online discussion lists, resource websites, and special networking events. Others ramp up more around the conference each year. Communication with TIG members is almost exclusively electronic. Keep an eye on your email for TIG notices about ways to get involved, useful resources, and upcoming conference plans.

  • What are my obligations if I join a TIG?

    You have no specific obligations as part of TIG membership. You may be invited to join in a discussion list or book group, to suggest a resource or share expertise, or to serve as a reviewer. You may participate as much or as little as you like.

  • To how many TIGs may I belong?

    Although there is no limit of how many TIGs you can join, we recommend you limit your membership to five in order to maintain appropriate involvement. There is no cost to you to join a TIG.

  • How do I join a TIG or change my TIG selections?

    You may join a TIG by logging in to your AEA member profile. Next, under Community, click Join A TIG to join the TIG of your preference.