Evaluation Conference and Events

AEA hosts two evaluation learning events each year. Each event offers opportunities for professional evaluators to network with the evaluation community and learn in a collaborative and welcoming environment. Whether you are new to evaluation or a seasoned professional, there is always something to learn at the Annual Evaluation Conference and Summer Evaluation Institute.

Annual Evaluation Conference

This event is held annually in the fall and brings together evaluators, evaluation scholars, students, and evaluation users from around the world, where they are invited to assemble, share, and learn from the successes of the international discipline and practice of evaluation. No matter your skill level, the conference will provide the opportunity to be involved in the shared experience through a variety of presentations and learning formats.

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Summer Evaluation Institute 

In 2024, the Summer Evaluation Institute will be held in Washington, DC. Select from 20 interactive workshops on a variety of themes. Each workshop allows you to dive deep into an evaluation discussion with fellow attendees and your instructor. Featuring a new look, new location, and re-imagined schedule, we're thrilled to show you what we have in store.

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Dialogues on Race and Class

In 2017, AEA hosted a series of national dialogues to reflect and promote positive actions on the deeply rooted, and structurally intertwined issues behind the headlines that propel racial, ethnic, and class disparities in our society. Moderated by Melvin Hall, Northern Arizona University Professor and Former Member AEA Board of Directors, spoke with evaluators, policy analysts, and applied researchers together to discern ways to proactively engage entrenched issues as the nation goes from one headline-making incident to the next.

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