Annual Conference History

AEA's Annual Conference brings together evaluators from around the country and around the world for professional sharing. Each year, the presiding AEA President or, in the case of cosponsored conferences, a program team identifies a theme for the conference plenaries and highlight strand woven throughout the event.

Conference History: AEA has held its annual conference in geographically dispersed locations in the US and with our partners at the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Upcoming Conferences:

  • Evaluation 2024: October 21-26, Portland, OR

Past Conferences: 

  • Evaluation 2023: October 9-14, Indianapolis, IN
    2023 President: Corrie Whitmore
    Presidential Theme: The Power of Story 
  • Evaluation 2022: November 7-12, New Orleans, LA
    2022 President: Veronica Olazabal
    Presidential Theme: (re) shaping evaluation together 
  • Evaluation 2021: November 8-12, Online
    2021 President: Tom Grayson
    Presidential Theme: Meeting the Moment
  • Eval20 Reimagined: October 27 - 30, Online
    2020 President: Aimee White
    Presidential Theme: How Will You Shine Your Light?
  • Evaluation 2019: November 11 - 16, Minneapolis, MN
    2019 President: Tessie Catsambas
    Presidential Theme: Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal
  • Evaluation 2018, October 29 - November 3, Cleveland, OH
    2018 President: Leslie Goodyear
    Presidential Theme: Speaking Truth to Power
  • Evaluation 2017, November 6-11, Washington, DC
    2017 President: Kathryn Newcomer
    Presidential Theme: From Learning to Action
  • Evaluation 2016, October 24-29, Atlanta, GA
    2016 President: John Gargani
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation + Design
  • Evaluation 2015, November 9-14, Chicago, IL
    2015 President: Stewart Donaldson
    Presidential Theme: Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World: Learning from Evaluation's Successes Around the Globe
  • Evaluation 2014, October 13-19, Denver, CO
    2014 President: Beverly Parsons
    Presidential Theme: Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future
  • Evaluation 2013, October 14-19, Washington, DC
    2013 President: Jody Fitzpatrick 
    Presidential Theme: The State of Evaluation in the 21st Century
  • Evaluation 2012, October 22-27, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2012 President: Rodney Hopson
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation in Complex Ecologies
  • Evaluation 2011, October 31-November 5, Anaheim, California
    2011 President: Jennifer Greene
    Presidential Theme: Values and Valuing
  • Evaluation 2010, November 8-13, San Antonio, Texas
    2010 President: Leslie Cooksy
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation Quality
  • Evaluation 2009, November 9-14, Orlando, Florida
    2009 President: Debra Rog
    Presidential Theme: Context and Evaluation
  • Evaluation 2008, November 5-8, Denver, Colorado
    2008 President: William Trochim
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice
  • Evaluation 2007, November 7-10, Baltimore, Maryland
    2007 President: Hallie Preskill
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation and Learning
  • Evaluation 2006, November 1-4, Portland, Oregon
    2006 President: Melvin Mark
    Presidential Theme: The Consequences of Evaluation
  • Evaluation 2005, October 26-29, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Co-sponsored with the Canadian Evaluation Society
    2005 President: Sharon Rallis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    Conference Theme: Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries
  • Evaluation 2004, November 3-6, Atlanta, Georgia
    2004 President: Nick Smith, Syracuse University
    Presidential Theme: Fundamental Issues
  • Evaluation 2003, November 5-8, Reno, Nevada
    2003 President: Richard Krueger, University of Minnesota
    Presidential Theme: Methodology
  • Evaluation 2002, November 6-9, Arlington, Virginia
    2002 President: Molly Engle, Oregon State University
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation - A Systematic Process That Reforms Systems
  • Evaluation 2001, November 7-10, St Louis, Missouri
    2001 President: James Sanders, Western Michigan University
    Presidential Theme: Mainstreaming Evaluation
  • Evaluation 2000, November 1-4, Honolulu, Hawaii
    2000 President: Laura Leviton, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Presidential Theme: Evaluation Capacity Building
  • Evaluation '99, November 3-6, Orlando, Florida
    1999 President: Michael Scriven, Claremont Graduate University
    Presidential Theme: The Territory Ahead
  • Evaluation '98, November 4-7, Chicago, Illinois
    1998 President: Donna Mertens, Gallaudet University
    Presidential Theme: Transforming Society Through Evaluation
  • Evaluation '97, November 5-8, San Diego, California
    1997 President: William Shadish, University of Memphis
    Presidential Theme: Theory and Practice: Partners in Evaluation
  • Evaluation '96, November 6-9, Atlanta, Georgia
    1996 President: Leonard Bickman, Vanderbilt University
    Presidential Theme: AEA: A Decade of Progress, Looking Back and Looking Forward
  • Evaluation '95: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Co-sponsored with the Canadian Evaluation Society
    1995 President: Eleanor Chelimsky, Independent Consultant Conference
    Theme: Evaluation for a New Century: A Global Perspective
  • Evaluation '94: Boston, Massachusetts
    1994 President: Karen Kirkhart, Syracuse University
    Conference Theme: Evaluation and Social Justice
  • Evaluation '93: Dallas, Texas
    1993 President: David Fetterman, Stanford University
    Conference Theme: Empowerment Evaluation
  • Evaluation '92: Seattle, Washington
    1992 President: David Cordray
    Conference Theme: Synthesizing Evaluation: Perspectives, Practices, and Evidence
  • Evaluation '91: Chicago, Illinois
    1991 President: Lee Sechrest
    Conference Theme: New Evaluation Horizons
  • Evaluation '90: Washington, District of Columbia
    1990 President: Yvonna Lincoln
    Conference Theme: Evaluation and the Formulation of Public Policy
  • Evaluation '89: San Francisco, California
    1989 President: Ross F Conner
    Conference Theme: New Perspectives from International and Cross-Cultural Evaluation
  • Evaluation '88: New Orleans, Louisiana
    1988 President: Michael Patton
    Conference Theme: Evaluation and Politics
  • Evaluation '87: Boston, Massachusetts
    1987 President: Robert Covert
    Conference Theme: Utilization of Evaluation
  • Evaluation '86: Kansas City, Missouri
    1986 President: Richard Light
    Conference Theme: What Have We Learned