Join the AEA Board for Virtual Town Halls

Virtual Town Hall meetings are member-exclusive opportunities to hear directly from the AEA President about important issues impacting the association and the strategic direction of AEA to identify the best way to serve the evaluation community.

Upcoming Town Halls:

There are currently no Town Halls scheduled

Past Town Halls:

AEA Town Hall on Intellectual Property Policy

This interactive Town Hall session focuses on AEA’s policies on the Intellectual Property ownership of speakers who participate in our virtual experience and other events or activities where members serve as subject matter experts and content providers. Watch it here.

A Walk Through Webinar of AEAs New Website

Learn more about AEA's new website. During this webinar, learn more about the design, usability, and plans for the new website. Watch it here.

A Discussion with Leadership on how the AEA is Planning for the Effects of COVID-19

The AEA Board members hosted a Town Hall to address all that AEA is facing this year due to COVID-19 impacts. Hear from Board members and your AEA Treasurer about all that is being monitored and considered as we navigate planning for our conference in a global pandemic. View the list of current AEA leaders.

Using the Revised AEA Guiding Principles in Your Practice

The Guiding Principles, which support our ethical decision making as evaluators, were revised and approved by the membership in 2018. A previous Town Hall meeting highlighted the differences. The Guiding Principles Working Group is tasked with assisting members to use these Principles in their practice. Toward that end, submissions for the AEA conference will need to reference the Guiding Principles. This Town Hall reviews the major changes to the Guiding Principles made in 2018, and engages Town Hall participants in discussing ways the Principles can be incorporated in the evaluation practice from planning an evaluation, carrying it out, and supporting the use of its findings. Watch it here.

AEA Leadership-Time for Nominations

As we approached the 2020 election season, this Town Hall spotlighted the nominations process by representatives from the Nominations Working Group. This is the space to learn and ask questions, no previous leadership experience in AEA is necessary. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Evaluation 2020 Preview, “How Will You Shine Your Light?” in Evaluation Practice

Aimee White, the current AEA President, shares her insights on the conference theme and what to think about when submitting proposals for Evaluation 2020. Each human is born with a unique light frequency and we all grow to shine that light in different ways. Some are born into circumstances that dim and even attempt to extinguish that light while others are born in spaces where their light is allowed to shine brightly over many others. Those of us in AEA, or have chosen the profession of Evaluation, have done so because we believe our professional field allows us to shine our lights for the purposes of improving conditions for others to shine theirs. It is through this lens we will submit proposals, present, and network in Portland, October 26-31st. Also, for this Town Hall, Aimee shares a pilot project AEA is doing to better organize the annual conference in hopes of improving the attendee experience. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: The International Scene

The AEA's international engagement is of strategic importance for our members and the organization as a whole. This Town Hall helps you understand the international evaluation landscape (networks, VOPEs, other partners) from AEA's perspective, explores why we are involved internationally, what AEA brings to international engagement, and how our international engagement benefits our members and other AEA activities. AEA past President Tessie Catsambas interviews Cindy Clapp Wincek, Donna Podems and Scott Chaplowe, three of the 12 members of the AEA’s International Working Group (IWG) who represent us internationally and help us manage our engagement. Cindy is our Representative to the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), Donna is the IWG Chair, and Scott represents us in the EvalParters Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) network. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Member Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion within AEA 

This Town Hall hosted by Jara Dean-Coffey shares AEA’s efforts and prioritization of diversity and inclusion. During the Town Hall panelists, including AEA’s Executive Director Anisha Lewis and Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation and LatinX Responsive Evaluation Discourse TIG leaders, review AEA’s work and progress toward these goals, discuss the diversity of values of AEA members, and invite additional perspectives to contribute to this important work. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Federal Evaluation Policy in 2020

More than a year after the enactment of the bipartisan Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, the federal evaluation landscape continues to evolve as agencies pursue implementation of the new requirements for evaluation capacity and practice. During a town hall discussion, members from the American Evaluation Association’s Evaluation Policy Task Force will provide an overview of the landscape as well as highlight AEA’s engagement on emerging issues. Two topics will be discussed in detail, including new standards and practices published by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and recent issues surrounding the independence of Federal Inspectors General.Watch it here

AEA Town Hall: Evaluation Policy in 2019 and Beyond 

 The landscape for evaluation policy in government is rapidly evolving. In early 2019, a new law called the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act set up new processes and directives for government agencies, aiming to build evaluation capacity in government. In parallel, numerous other activities are underway to build more robust evaluation capacity in government. Join this webinar to learn about the new direction in government for evaluation policy and the activities of the American Evaluation Association’s Evaluation Policy Task Force. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Special Election Edition

AEA President-Elect, Aimee White, will host this special election 2019 series town hall for a “Get Out the Vote” push for AEA elections. Join us for some information on how to catalyze our own networks and engage more of the membership in voting for this year’s slated Board Members at Large, Treasurer, and President-Elect. *Note: this is NOT the meet-the-candidates town hall, which is scheduled for later. it Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Understanding the AEA Governance System

Join AEA President Tessie Catsambas and AEA Executive Director Anisha Lewis as we share insights on the inner-workings and benefits of the AEA governance system. The AEA Board of Directors transitioned from executive board leadership to the policy-based governance model that was mandated by the rapid growth of the AEA. This transition has been challenging yet successful, and we owe gratitude for past boards and staff that have continued to shape our system of governance, and what we love about it. We will discuss the smart adaptation of policy-based governance to fit the AEA requirements, and what you can expect from it as members. We intend to dispel common misconceptions, and invite you to pose your hardest and most challenging questions to us! Your questions will help increase clarity and common understanding, and at the same time, help us to keep improving our system. Watch it here.

AEA Town Hall: Annual Business Meeting

In the December AEA Townhall, President Leslie Goodyear and Executive Director Anisha Lewis shares updates on activities and plans for the 2019 year, followed by Q&A. Watch it here.

AEA Townhall: AEA Guiding Principles Review 

In the June AEA Townhall, AEA President Leslie Goodyear will be joined by AEA Member Beverly Parsons to discuss the AEA Guiding Principles. Watch it here.

AEA Townhall: Issues and Opportunities confronting the Field of Evaluation

AEA President Leslie Goodyear and President-elect Tessie Catsambas will discuss the AEA Ends Statements and share some of the Board’s thoughts and questions about the future of the AEA.Watch it here.  

AEA Townhall: Evaluation 2018 – Cleveland Rocks

In this AEA Town Hall, join AEA President Leslie Goodyear and members of the Evaluation 2018 Local Arrangements Working Group (LAWG) based in Cleveland, OH to discuss the culture, sights and attractions in Cleveland, as well as what attendees can look forward to during this year's program.Watch it here

AEA Town Hall Webinar: Presenting AEA’s New Evaluator Competencies

At its meeting in May, the AEA Board voted to approve the AEA Program Evaluator Competencies, a set of basic competencies developed by the Competencies Task Force over a three-year period (2015-2018). This session will describe the development process, present the competencies, and discuss potential next steps in AEA’s continuing professionalization. The call for members to participate in the Competencies Working Group will open following Evaluation 2018. To learn more about the competencies,Watch it here