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As a member of AEA, you join an association of more than 6,000 professionals that work within the evaluation field, or related concentration from across the globe, and receive access to valuable networking resources, professional development opportunities, and discounts on education offerings.

AEA offers multiple membership options to fit your budget and your needs. In addition, AEA follows anniversary membership, meaning you receive a full year of AEA membership no matter what time of year you join. 

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Membership Options

Membership Type Cost E-Member Cost
Regular Member $134 $123
Two Year Regular Member $268 $246
Joint CES Member $107 $99
Student Membership $69 $58

Regular Membership: Appropriate for the majority of professionals. Regular Standard Membership includes subscriptions to two hard copy and four electronic journals. Regular E-Membership includes only electronic access to four journals American Journal of Evaluation (AJE) and New Directions for Evaluation.

Two-Year Regular Membership: Enjoy all the same benefits of the Regular Membership, but lock in your membership rate for two years so you don’t have to worry about annual renewal.

E-Membership: Members with E-Membership only have access to electronic access to journals.

Joint CES Membership: For those whose primary membership is with the Canadian Evaluation Society. CES Joint Standard Membership includes subscriptions to two hard copy and four electronic journals.

Student Membership: Discounted Regular Membership for students enrolled full-time. AEA reserves the right to request status documentation. Student Standard Membership includes subscriptions to two hard copy and four electronic journals.

Non-Member Guest Registration: If you are looking to create a profile and find out more about AEA, please register for the website as a non-member guest and you will be issued limited access to the site. As a non-member guest you can register for events as a non-member and also upgrade to a full member at any time.

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