AEA Volunteer Opportunities

AEA values member input and engagement, relying on your guidance and knowledge about the field in the development of programs for our membership. We also value diversity when building a volunteer base to better serve and represent our unique, global community of evaluators.

AEA volunteer roles must:

  1. Contribute to the fulfillment of AEA’s governance and operations while concurrently building member capacity and leadership;
  2. Democratically draw on—and contribute to—valuing diverse experiences, talents, and ways of knowing, as well as diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds;
  3. Contribute to trust, respect, ownership, responsibility, and timeliness of interaction within AEA; and
  4. Draw on both individual and collective voices.

Complete the volunteer opportunities form to become a contributing member to the AEA community. While you may submit an application for most Working Groups, those with a membership status that indicate 'Open' are actively seeking members on a rolling basis and will receive top priority in placement.

Volunteer Form

Abstract Reviewers

Charge: To assist TIG leaders in reviewing abstracts submitted for consideration for the Evaluation 2019 conference.

Task Forces

Evaluation Task Force

Charge: The Evaluation Task Force is charged with determining the scope and costs of conducting an evaluation for the purposes of determining the AEA board’s effectiveness under Policy Governance, identify gaps and generate recommendations.

Members: Corrie Whitmore (Chair), Tatiana Bustos, Rhonda Williams, Abdulsamad Humaidan

Evaluation Policy Task Force

Members: Nick Hart (Chair), Lisa Aponte-Soto, Maurice Samuels (AEA Board Liaison), Nicole Bowman, Katherine Dawes, Diana Epstein, Mel Mark, Kathryn Newcomer, Demetra Nightingale, Gregory Phillips, Leslie Fierro

Working Groups

Conference Advisory Working Group

Charge: To assist AEA in reviewing possible changes to conference structure and evaluating potential innovations. 

Members: Leah Moses, Jan Noga, Nnenia Campbell, Stanley Capela, Linda Vo, Lycia Neumann, Dana Wanzer

Nominations & Elections Working Group

Charge: To recruit qualified member applicants in order to create a slate of potential candidates for the AEA annual elections.

Members: Anne T. Vo (Chair), Leslie Goodyear, Mark Parman

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group

Charge: To recommend for adoption by the AEA Board, a contemporary statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that will frame the operational and governance work of the association; to review existing indicators and measures of diversity, equity and inclusion, and to identify gaps which shall form the basis of the Executive Director’s annual “State of the Association” monitoring report on diversity, equity and inclusion provided to the Board of Directors. The report findings will serve as a basis for action plans by the board and staff, to recommend indicators and measures of diversity, equity and inclusion relevant to the governance of the Association to be used in future evaluation of board performance and to systematically examine association policies and procedures through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Members: Vidhya Shanker (Co-Chair) Elizabeth Shiro-Taylor (Co-Chair), Nisaa Kirtman, Donna Mertens, Kanthahyanee Murray, James Groh, Esther Nolton, Stephen Maack, Camille Lemieux, Asma Ali, Ayesha Boyce, David Sul, Jen Heeg, Diana Lemos (LatinX Responsive Discourse TIG Liaison), Leah People (Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation TIG Liaison), Dylan Felt (LBGTQ+ TIG Liaison), Mark Parmon (Indigenous Peoples TIG Liaison), Caitlyn Buckaty (Disability TIG Liaison)

GEDI Evaluation Working Group

Members: Stuart Donaldson

International Working Group

Charge: To assist management with the development of international outreach and AEA’s international presence/programs.

Members: Heather Britt, Colleen Brady, Cindy Clapp-Wincek (Chair),Scott Chaplowe, Amy Gray, Lisa Frantzen, Andrea Guajardo, Amy Catherine Jersild, Iryna Kravchuk, Donna Mertens, Maria Montenegro, Svetlana Negroustoueva, Hubert Paulmer, Donna Podems, Deborah Rugg, Jim Rugh, Amanda Satterwhite, Michele Tarsilla

Local Arrangement Working Group (Conference)

Charge: To assist management with the coordination of conference outreach and logistics in the conference host city.

Members: Steven Mumford, William Faulkner, Jana Fredricks, Jason Altman, Sarah Mason, Michelle Bidwell

Professional Development Working Group

Charge: To provide suggestions and input to management on the professional development offerings through AEA including eStudies, Coffee Breaks, and PD Workshops at the annual conference.

Members: Thomas Chapel (Chair), Sheila Robinson, Thomas Archibald, Leah Neubauer, Anne T. Vo, Linda Vo, Sondra Lore, Beverly Peters

Research Mailing List Request Working Group

Charge: To assist management in considering the requests for AEA member lists for research purposes.

Members: Anne Vo, Tarek Azzam, Leslie Fierro

Student Case Competition Working Group

Charge: To recruit and support a team to represent North America in the global Student Evaluation Case Competition.

Members: Dana Wanzer, Asma Ali, Rana Gautam, Steven Mumford, Julian Nyamupachitu, Christine Roseveare, Jennifer Yessis

Summer Institute Working Group

Charge: To assist management with the creation of the content/speakers for the annual Summer Institute program.

Members: Susan Wolfe, Kristianna Pettibone, Thomas Chapel, Mindelyn Anderson, Maureen Wilce, Daniel Kidder

Volunteering on a Working Group requires a commitment to AEA and the assigned program/project. The work product of each Working Group is outlined in individual Charge Documents that also address deadline expectations. Meeting scheduling and frequency for each Working Group are established through consultation between the Working Group members and AEA.