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Get to know the American Evaluation Association community! Our members include a diverse community of independent consultants, public health evaluators, program evaluators, educators and more.

AEA members make a difference in the organizations and communities they serve. Explore how our members benefit from AEA every day through volunteer opportunities, education, and networking.

Asha Balakrishna

"Evaluation is really something you have to learn by doing. Learning theory and taking training courses are helpful, but it is definitely one of those fields where you have to be creative with the data, access, and funds you have to do the work. AEA provides numerous networking and educational opportunities for members to gain knowledge in the field and learn from other professionals."

-Asha Balakrishnan, Joined in 2011

Apollo Nkwake.png

"To date, AEA has offered me many professional development opportunities and great mentors. I moved to the United States in 2010 to work as a Design Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for World Vision United States. So, I was very keen to join AEA for my new professional comradery. My first AEA conference was in 2011 in Anaheim, California. Since then, the AEA conferences, affiliate journals, and listservs have been at the core of my professional development."

-Apollo Nkwake, Joined in 2011

Melissa Rivera

"I joined AEA for the variety of learning offerings, the quality and quantity of the learning platforms, the amazing evaluation leaders who continue to remind me of the importance of this work, the opportunity to share learnings and challenges acquired over the years, the variety of topical interest groups, and the relentless support received by many."

-Melissa Rivera, Joined in 2009

Adam Gold.jpg

"One of my biggest regrets is not joining AEA earlier. The first day I logged on, I was in awe of the amount of resources available to me.

AEA is an ideal setting for any evaluator looking to expand their knowledge, connections, and opportunities in the field. Evaluators who intend to take advantage of all the resources provided and use them to contribute to the field should consider joining."

-Adam Gold, Joined in 2019

Bernadette Wright.png

"It’s important that evaluation has professional standards. I want to be part of an organization that can develop and educate evaluation clients about those standards. Also, I want to use findings and lessons learned from past evaluations. AEA is an organization that can spread that information, through the journals, conferences, webinars, and blog posts."

-Bernadette Wright, Joined in 1999