Evaluator and Evaluation Blogs

Evaluators are blogging! Some focus on evaluation, some do not. Look for the to identify AEA members. If you are a blogger, or on Twitter, send an email to info@eval.org to have your blog or twitter name considered for adding to this page.

AEA Blogs

Blog Name: aea365
Managed by: American Evaluation Association
Focus: A tip-a-day by and for evaluators shares hot tips, cool tricks, rad resources, and lessons learned

Twitter Image aeaweb American Evaluation Association

Evaluation Related Organizations/Groups on Twitter

Twitter Image aeaweb American Evaluation Association

Twitter Image drlisamelchior - The Measurement Group

Twitter Image 3ieNews - International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Twitter Image abdevaluation - Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank

Twitter Image BetterEval - Better Evaluation

Twitter Image cochranecollab - Cochrane Collaboration

Twitter Image EasternEval - Eastern Evaluation Research Society

Twitter Image ECDG - Evaluation Capacity Development Group (ECDG)

Twitter Image EvalCentral - Eval Central Blog Aggregator

Twitter Image EvalCollective - Evaluation Collective MI Consultants

Twitter Image EvalCoP - eXtension Evaluation Community of Practice

Twitter Image EvalPartners - EvalPartners Initiative

Twitter Image EnviroEvalNet - Environmental Evaluators Network

Twitter Image EvaluATE_WMU - EvaluATE, National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technical Education Program

Twitter Image EvaluatorsInst - Evaluators' Institute

Twitter Image ETI_org - Evaluation and Training Institute (ETI)

Twitter Image GLSEN Research - Research at Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

Twitter Image HarderCo - Harder+Company

Twitter Image Idaho_OPE - Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature

Twitter Image informingchange - BTW informing change

Twitter Image InnoNet_Eval - Innovation Network

Twitter Image IDRC_Evaluation - International Development Research Center Evaluation

Twitter Image MEASURE_Eval - MEASURE Evaluation Global Health Evaluation Team

Twitter ImageMetisAssociates - Metis Associates

Twitter Image MilwaukeeEval  - ¡MilwaukeeEvaluation! 

Twitter Image NewKnowOrg - New Knowledge Organization

Twitter Image NEO Shop Talk - NN/LN Evaluatoin Office (NEO)

Twitter Image OECD_EVALNET - OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation

Twitter Image SocImpactInc - Social Impact

Twitter Image socevaluacion - Sociedad Española de Evaluación

Twitter Image Viaevaluation - Via Evaluation

Twitter Image WorldBank_IEG - World Bank Independent Evaluation Group

Twitter Image BroadleafC - Broadleaf Consulting

Twitter Image PDAeval - Professional Data Analysts 

Evaluators on Twitter

Twitter Image AgataJI Agata Jose-Ivanina

Twitter Image alb202   Andrew Blum

Twitter Image Alicia_McCoy  Alicia McCoy

Twitter Image AllisonTitcomb Allison Titcomb

Twitter Image alyssanaim Alyssa Na'im

Twitter Image amargolies Amy Margolies

Twitter Image analytics_HR  Berwyn Gonzalvo

Twitter Image annkemery Ann Emery

Twitter Image annwprice  Ann Price

Twitter Image AubreyWPerry Aubrey Perry

Twitter Image bnashat Bidjan Nashat

Twitter Image cakhan Hanife Cakici

Twitter Image cdnorman Cameron Norman

Twitter Image chiyanlam Chi Yan Lam

Twitter Image clysy Christopher Lysy

Twitter Image crariza1  Carlos Rodrigz Ariza

Twitter Image creativresearch Travis Tatum

Twitter Image creinelt Claire Reinelt

Twitter Image danawanzer  Dana Wanzer

Twitter Image Daniel_Brandao Daniel Brandão

Twitter Image data2insight  Veronica Smith

Twitter Image davidr46 David Robinson

Twitter Image DJBernstein David Bernstein

Twitter Image dlarwin David Larwin

Twitter Image devenwisner Deven Wisner

Twitter Image EButeau_CEP Ellie Buteau

Twitter Image efragu Efrain Gutierrez

Twitter Image EhrenReed Ehren Reed

Twitter Image EJaneDavidson Jane Davidson

Twitter Image elizabethoyer Elizabeth Oyer

Twitter Image Emerging_Guru Rosedel Davies-Adewebi

Twitter Image ErickaHarney Ericka Harney

Twitter Image esubialka  Emily Subialka Nowariak

Twitter Image evalu8r Stephanie Evergreen

Twitter Image EvaluationBaron Michelle Baron

Twitter Image evaluationdiva Jennifer Ann Morrow

Twitter Image EvaluationMaven Kylie Hutchinson

Twitter Image evaluationVigie  Alix de Saint-Albin

Twitter Image exposyourmuseum Kathleen Tinworth

Twitter Image guijti Irene Guijt

Twitter Image herberss Stephanie Herbers

Twitter Image honeycutt Gaea Honeycutt

Twitter Image intentionalMuse  Staff of RK&A

Twitter Image InventivoDesign Stephanie Fuentes

Twitter Image isaac_outcomes Isaac Castillo

Twitter Image j_morariu Johanna Morariu

Twitter Image jamieclearfield Jamie Clearfield

Twitter Image jgothberg June Gothberg

Twitter Image jlfernandezps Jose Luis Fernández

Twitter Image JeanKingx004 Jean King

Twitter Image jessachandler Jess Chandler

Twitter Image JosJoseph Joshua Joseph

Twitter Image jpann James Pann

Twitter Image jwasbes Jeff Wasbes

Twitter Image JDeanCoffey Jara Dean-Coffey

Twitter Image jensulewski Jennifer Sulewski

Twitter Image Jill_Casey Jill Casey

Twitter Image jnash John Nash

Twitter Image John_Gargani John Gargani

Twitter Image johnybaek John Baek

Twitter Image 4socialimpact Justin Piff

Twitter Image K-Anderson_Eval Karen Anderson

Twitter Image KarcsiG Charles Gasper

Twitter Image kbruce2001 Kerry Bruce

Twitter Image KD_eval Katherine Dawes

Twitter Image Kelsaddik  Kassem El-Saddik

Twitter Image KimFLeonard Kimberly Bowman

Twitter Image Laurabeals  Laura Beals

Twitter Image lauratagle Kim Firth Leonard

Twitter Image lauratagle Laura Tagle

Twitter Image leahgalvin Leah Galvin

Twitter Image LFargotstein Leah Fargotstein

Twitter Image limeygrl Jennifer Hamilton

Twitter Image ljneighbors  Laurie Jones Neighbors

Twitter Image MallaryTytel Mallary Tytel

Twitter Image mdurland Maryann Durland

Twitter Image mgw35 Mary Grcich Williams

Twitter Image MHarnar Michael Harnar

Twitter Image mklamarche Mary Kay Lamarche

Twitter Image MollyHamm  Molly Hamm

Twitter Image mwkeene Matt Keene

Twitter Image LBlitzer Lauren Blitzer

Twitter Image lisaoreillyca Lisa O'Reilly

Twitter Image MandE_News - Rick Davies

Twitter Image MariaGajewski Maria Gajewski

Twitter Image melly1905 Melissa Chapman Haynes

Twitter Image mon_ODnChange Ramon Fernandez-Caamano

Twitter Image MQuinnP Michael Quinn Patton

>Twitter Image MsNicoleClark  Nicole Clark

Twitter Image mwkeene Matt Keene

Twitter Image NBPC1 Nicole Bowman

Twitter Image nelsonlaura Laura Nelson

Twitter Image nickrhart  Nick Hart

Twitter Image NicoleClarkLMSW  Nicole Clark

Twitter Image norriskath Kathleen Norris

Twitter Image ODforNonprofits  Laura Horowitz

Twitter Image ozdogrua Asil Ozdogru

Twitter Image PatriciaJRogers Patricia Rogers

Twitter Image PaulDuignan Paul Duignan

Twitter Image petersennick Nick Petersen

Twitter Image Philanthropy411 Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Twitter Image programeval Sarah Baughman

Twitter Image public_profit Corey Newhouse

Twitter Image rafa_monty Rafael Monterde-Diaz

Twitter Image raharris Rachel Harris

Twitter Image  RakeshMohanEval  Rakesh Mohan

Twitter Image RefocusInstitute Cindy Banyai

Twitter Image resevals Pedro Paz

Twitter Image rhomer23 Robert Leos

Twitter Image SAassessment  Vicki L Wise

Twitter Image SheilaBRobinson Sheila Robinson

Twitter Image snjackson  Summer Jackson

Twitter Image solemu Soldedad Muñiz

Twitter Image sseepersad Sean Seepersad

Twitter Image sreffey  Stephanie Reffey

Twitter Image Strongroots_SK  Brian Hoessler

Twitter Image SueMentors  Sue Griffey

Twitter Image sukist  Susan Kistler

Twitter Image TessieCatsambas Tessie Catsambas

Twitter Image theImproveGroup Leah Goldstein Moses

Twitter Image TomEval Tom Kelly

Twitter Image sonianatal Sonia Natal

Twitter Image TajCarson Taj Carson

Twitter Image trcharisse Tracy Wharton

Twitter Image Trina_Willard Trina Willard

Twitter Image txtpablo Pablo Rodríguez-Bilella

Twitter Image Usefuleval  Jessica Aungst Weitzel

Twitter Image victorkuo Victor Kuo

Twitter Image virtuallibrarian  Sophia Guevara

Twitter Image WesMartz Wes Martz

Twitter Image will_allen Will Allen

Twitter Image WhatWeValue  Jindra Cekan

Other Blogs about Evaluation and/or by our members

Blog Name: Analytics HR
Managed by: Berwyn Gonzalvo
Focus: Human Resources Analytics

Blog Name: ACET, Inc.
Managed by: Stella Zimmerman
Focus: Discussion of research and evaluation; updates on funding opportunities/announcements; educational resources

Blog Name: Actionable Data
Managed by: Kim Firth Leonard
Focus: Actionable Data Advocacy and Exploration

Blog Name: Adventures in Evaluation Podcast Blog
Managed by: Kylie Hutchinson and James Coyle
Focus: Updates on the Adventures in Evaluation Podcast Series

Blog Name: Al Borde Del Caos [in Spanish]
Managed by: Pablo Rodríguez-Bilella
Focus: Evaluation and development

Blog Name: Rita's Blog
Managed by: Rita Fierro
Focus: Nurturing Organizations and Communities

Blog Name: Barrington Research Group Blog
Managed by: Gail Barrington
Focus: Evaluation and Evaluation Consulting

Blog Name: BetterEvaluation Blog
Managed by: Simon Hearn
Focus: Improving Evaluation Planning and Execution

Blog Name: Brad Rose Consulting: Evaluation Resources
Managed by: Brad Rose
Focus: Key Issues in Evaluation

Blog Name: Broadleaf Consulting
Managed by:  Broadleaf Consulting
Focus: Planning, Evaluation, Governance

Blog Name: canoe.moore  
Managed by: Christopher Moore
Focus: Quantitative Evaluation Methods and Personal Reflections

Blog Name: Carson Research Consulting Realize
Managed by: Taj Carson
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Censemaking
Managed by: Cameron Norman
Focus: Evaluation, Complexity, Design, Health

Blog Name: Changing River Consulting Blog
Managed by: Maria Gajewski
Focus: Evaluation, Complexity, Design, Health

Blog Name: Citizen's Observations and Reflections
Managed by:  Kassem El-Saddik

Blog Name: Claire Reinelt's Blog
Managed by: Claire Reinelt
Focus: Practical Evaluation for Nonprofits

Blog Name: Climate-Eval
Managed by: Sophie Edwards
Focus: Climate change development

Blog Name: Community Evaluation
Managed by:  Ann Price
Focus: Evaluation, program development and social change in communities

Blog Name: Creative Research Blog
Managed by: Travis Tatum
Focus: Social Science Research and Evaluation

Blog Name: Dana Wanzer Evaluation and Research Blog
Managed by:  Dana Wanzer
Focus: Evaluation Practices, Research on Evaluation, Youth Program Evaluation

Blog Name: Data2Insight
Managed by:  Veronica Smirh
Focus: Science, Engineering, Technology and Math Education

Blog Name: Data in Context
Managed by:  Lisa R. Holliday
Focus: Data Collection Tips and Strategies

Blog Name: Design by Data
Managed by: Deven Wisner
Focus: Evaluation, Personnel Psychology, Dataviz

Blog Name: Design & Evaluation
Managed by: Chi Yan Lam
Focus: Program Evaluation, Design, Social Innovation

Blog Name: E-Valuation
Managed by: Sandra Mathison
Focus: Value and valuing

Blog Name: Eagle Dawg Blog
Managed by: Nicole Dettmar
Focus: Wide ranging, personal and professional

Blog Name: Emery Evaluation
Managed by: Ann Emery
Focus: Adventures of a nonprofit and foundations evaluator

Blog Name: Empowerment Evaluation Blog
Managed by: David Fetterman
Focus: Empowerment Evaluation around the world

Blog Name: EvalBlog
Managed by: John Gargani
Focus: Program design and evaluation

Blog Name: Evalthoughts
Managed by: Amy Germuth
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluateca
Managed by: Rafael Monterde-Diaz
Focus: General Evaluation 

Blog Name: EvaluATE
Managed by: Jason Burkhardt
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation for Africa
Managed by: Zenda Ofir
Focus: Evaluation for Africa

Blog Name: Evaluation is An Everyday Activity
Managed by: Molly Engle
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation Capacity Development Group
Managed by: Karen Russon
Focus: Evaluation Capacity Development

Blog Name: Evaluation Diva
Managed by:  Jennifer Morrow
Focus: General Evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation Focus
Managed by: Richard Eason
Focus: Improving organizational performance through evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation for Development (E4D)
Managed by: Zenda Ofir
Focus: Evaluation and Development in the Global South

Blog Name: Evaluation Space
Managed by: Alexey Kuzmin
Focus: Program design and evaluation

Blog Name: Evaluation Uncertainty
Managed by:  Jonathan Morrell
Focus: Surprises in Programs and their Evaluations

Blog Name: Sheila B Robinson
Managed by: Sheila Robinson
Focus: Evaluation, Survey Design, Presentations and more

Blog Name: Evergreen Data
Managed by: Stephanie Evergreen
Focus: Data Visualization, Reporting, Evaluation

Blog Name: Evidence Soup
Managed by: Tracy Allison Altman
Focus: Demystifying evidence

Blog Name: Expose your Museum
Managed by: Kathleen Tinworth
Focus: Visitor Research

Blog Name: For Good Measure
Managed by: Trina Willard
Focus: Evaluation, leadership, organizational management

Blog Name: Fresh Spectrum
Managed by: Chris Lysy
Focus: Practical applications of technology, and related humor

Blog Name: Gender and Evaluation Community of Practice
Managed by:  Rituu B. Nanda
Focus: Gender, feminism, evaluation

Blog Name: Genuine Evaluation
Managed by: Patricia Rogers & Jane Davidson
Focus: Authentic, honest evaluation - issues; aspects; good & bad examples

Blog Name: HARC Data
Managed by: 
Jenna LeComte-Hinely
General evaluation, making evaluation easy to understand, practical examples of evaluation, using evaluation to change lives

Blog Name: Informing Change
Managed by:  Ellen Irie
Focus: Organizational effectiveness and learning

Blog Name: The Improve Groove
Managed by:  Susan Murphy
Focus: Organizational effectiveness and learning

Blog Name: Intelligent Measurement
Managed by: Richard Gaunt and Glenn O'Neill
Focus: Evaluation and measurement in communications, training, management, and other fields

Blog Name: Intentional Museum
Managed by: Randy Korn
Focus: Culture Sector

Blog Name: Just Philanthropy
Managed by: Steven Mayer
Focus: Confluence of philanthropy, justice, evaluation

Blog Name: It Prep
Managed by: 
 Tonya B. Amankwatia
 Resource for leaders, practitioners and my Lehigh University graduate students

Blog Name: La vigie de l'évaluation
Managed by:  Alix de Saint-Albin
Focus: Weekly News about Evaluation in France

Blog Name: Learning Culture
Managed by: Molly Hamm
Focus: Learning and questioning and evaluation

Blog Name: Learning for Sustainability
Managed by: Will Allen
Focus: Evaluation, Social Change, and Sustainability

Blog Name: Learning to See Clearly
Managed by: Jamie Clearfield
Focus: Evaluation and Development

Blog Name: The Listening Resource
Managed by: Susan Eliot
Focus: Qualitative Methods

Blog Name: M&E Blog (Monitoring & Evaluation Blog)
Managed by: Benita Williams
Focus: Monitoring and Evaluation, mostly how-to, occasionally reflections

Blog Name: The Minimalist Evaluator
Managed by:  Ashley Bishop
Focus: Applying minimalist lifestyle guidance to our work as program evaluators.

Blog Name: Musings on Evaluation
Managed by: LeCroy & Milligan Associates
Focus: Utilization Focused Evaluation 

Blog Name: NEO Shop Talk
Managed by: 
 Karen Vargas
 Librarians/health educators conducting programs to improve access to health education

Blog Name: Nicole Clark Consulting
Managed by: 
 Nicole Clark
 Evaluation, social work, advocacy, sexual/reproductive health, communities of color, women and girls

Blog Name: on top of the box evaluation
Managed by: Karen Anderson
Focus: What do evaluators do, and why?

Blog Name: Outcomes Blog
Managed by: Paul Duignan
Focus: Real world strategy, outcomes, evaluation, and monitoring

Blog Name: Participatory Evaluation Forum
Managed by: Cindy Banyai
Focus: Participatory Evaluation, Evaluation Consulting

Blog Name: Paul Vogt's Research Methods Blog
Managed by: Paul Vogt
Focus: Research Methods

Blog Name: The Performance Improvement Blog
Managed by: Stephen Gill
Focus: Learning and effectiveness in organizations

Blog Name: The Practicing Researcher
Managed by: Anonymous
Focus: Learning Through Evaluation and Research Practice

Blog Name: PDAStats
Managed by: Professional Data Analysts
Focus: Data Analytics

Blog Name: Ready to Think
Managed by: Dikla Yogev
Focus: Measurement and evaluation, management consulting, futures thinking

Blog Name: Rick on the Road
Managed by: Rick Davies
Focus: Monitoring and evaluation of development aid projects

Blog Name: Route One Evaluation
Managed by:  Tamara Walser
Focus: Evaluation thinking, practice, and impact

Blog Name: So What: Your Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact
Managed by: Robert Medina
Focus: Evaluation, Advocacy, Impact

Blog Name: Strategic Evaluation Blog
Managed by: FSG
Focus: Strategic Evaluation

Blog Name: Strong Roots Consulting Blog
Managed by: Brian Hoessler
Focus: Capacity Building

Blog Name: Stumpf Consulting
Managed by: Steven Stumpf
Focus: Health Program Evaluation and General Evaluation

Blog Name: Sue Mentors
Managed by:  Sue Griffey
Focus: Ideas, tips, and inspiration about mentoring

Blog Name: Thinking About Community
Managed by:  Susan M. Wolfe
Focus: General evaluation, non-profit management, community psychology

Blog Name: To Be of Use
Managed by:  Laurie Jones Neighbors
Focus: Evaluation and Program Development Consulting for Transformational Systems Change

Blog Name: To What End?
Managed by: Jara Dean-Coffey
Focus: Social Evaluation, personal reflections

Blog Name: TripleAD: Aprendiendo a Aprender para el Desarrollo (in Spanish)
Managed by: Carlos Rodríguez-Ariza
Focus: Evaluation in the Government Sector and International Aid

Blog Name: TrueBearing Consulting
Managed by:  Nathan Brown and Jessica Carr

Blog Name: Usable Knowledge
Managed by:  Eric Graig
Focus: Evaluation

Blog Name: Sue Mentors
Managed by: Sue Griffey
Focus: Ideas, tips, and inspiration about mentoring

Blog Name: Valuing Voices
Managed by: Jindra Cekan
Focus: Sustainability Evaluation

Blog Name: Visual Brains
Managed by: Sara Vaca
Focus: Visualizing Data

Blog Name: Worth the While
Managed by: Tamara M. Walser
Focus: Program evaluation thinking and practice

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