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The Potent Presentations Initiative is sponsored by the American Evaluation Association for the explicit purpose of helping evaluators improve their presentation skills, both at the annual conference and in individual evaluation practice. Potent Presenters think about three things: Message, Design, and Delivery.

p2i Team

Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D. is an educator, program evaluator, and professional developer in Rochester, NY who loves helping people create killer presentations. She works for Greece Central School District and holds a doctorate from the University of Rochester where her research focus was professional development and program evaluation. She also serves as adjunct faculty at the university teaching courses in those two areas. Sheila is the current Lead Curator of AEA365 Tip-A-Day by and For Evaluators, and maintains a blog of her own at sheilabrobinson.com 

Stephanie Evergreen is the founder and past coordinator of the Potent Presentations Initiative. She runs Evergreen Data, a data communications consulting firm, and writes a popular blog. Her first book, Presenting Data Effectively, was published by Sage in 2013 and spent several weeks at the top of Amazon's Social Science and Research Methods list in the US and the UK. Her second book, Effective Data Visualization was released in 2016. She also founded AEA's Data Visualization and Reporting TIG.

Chris Metzner is the website developer behind the p2i.eval.org. He also adds a graphic designer's touch to all the tools developed by the p2i Team. When he is not working for p2i, he freelances his graphic and website design skills to clients near and far. Connect with him on www.Twitter.com/ChrisMetzner and view his portfolio at www.ChrisMetzner.com.

Advisory Board Members

  • Amy Germuth
  • Chi Lam
  • David Shellard
  • June Gothberg
  • Kylie Hutchinson
  • Susan Kistler
  • Johanna Morariu
  • John Nash
  • Emma Perk
  • Echo Rivera
  • Elissa Schloesser
  • Deven Wisner

Special Thanks

A very special thank you to the people who submitted examples for us to use in the Design Demo (in the order that the examples appear):

  • Amy Germuth, EvalWorks
  • Krista Schumacher, Oklahoma State University
  • Tom Archibald & Jane Buckley, Cornell University
  • Jennifer Miller, Interior Health
  • Lori Wingate, Western Michigan University
  • Stuart Henderson, University of California-Davis
  • June Gothberg, Western Michigan University

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